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L-R: Cllr Robertson and Cllr Coleman

St Helens Parish Council have received a prestigious South East England in Bloom Award.

The award has been given for the standards of community gardens in the village, the contribution made by local residences to the appearance of the village, and the efforts of the Parish Council to invest resources to the maintenance of community spaces.

Parish Chair Joe Robertson said:

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“The award reflects the efforts of the local community to ensure the village is welcoming to visitors, as well as attractive to all of us fortunate to live and grow up here”.

Vice Chair John Coleman added:

“St Helens has a unique sense of community, from Bulb planting, with local pupils, to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War 1 to the Christmas Celebrations, this award is well deserved to all involved”.

The Parish Council, with the local Church, Community Centre, Historical Society and school have already created a living cross outside of the Community Centre, and plan a special dedication event in November.

Cllr Robertson concluded:

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“We are grateful for the efforts of the Horticultural Society, and other local groups and individuals, whose efforts have enabled the Village to be recognised by this Award”.

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