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policesevenacresVIDEO: The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has welcomed the publication of ‘Mental health and policing – Improving crisis care’.

The briefing highlights how Serenity – a partnership between Hampshire Constabulary, Isle of Wight NHS Trust and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust – was the first police/mental health triage to go live in the UK on the Isle of Wight on 1st November 2012.

Since 2012 the use of s136 has reduced by 50%; the use of police custody as a place of safety has been completed eliminated on the Island and the accuracy of s136 has risen from 20% to around 75% (percentage of s136 detainees ‘converted’ to an admission).

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David Sellers, Service Lead, Acute and In-Patient Mental Health Services at Isle of Wight NHS Trust said:

“Our prime concern is to ensure that all our patients get the right treatment at the right time.  Our work with Police on the Island makes sense for patients, for the NHS and for the Police.

“Having mental health professionals out on the street with the Police has allowed for easy access to emotional support and rapid assessment and possibly admission to hospital if required. There has been a significant reduction in S136 use which has improved patient experience. We will continue to redesign our services to ensure patients receive the support and care they need in the least restrictive environment.

“Here on the Island we have been able to extend Serenity using winter pressures funding.  It is our hope that Serenity will become the normal way health and police respond to individuals with a mental health crisis.”

Watch Sgt Paul Jennings and former clinical lead for Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team, Mark South, talk about Serenity back in November 2013 when the project was shortlisted for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust Awards.

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