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grazingpmmPan Mill Meadows, a beautiful nature reserve between Matalan and Shide in Newport has been given a new lease of life thanks to Gift to Nature.

Gift to Nature has leased more land from the Isle of Wight Council to extend the Newport reserve, and has now secured funding from The Suez Communities Trust and Newport Parish Council to improve the nature reserve further.

Works by expert countryside managers Landscape Therapy will be ongoing until Spring 2017.

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The Gift to Nature team have already begun restoring the grazing meadow at the Shide end of the reserve by cutting back grass and some trees, and it is hoped that grazing sheep will be back in the field next year.

Following the floods in 2012 a lot of trees began to lean over, especially up by the Matalan end of the reserve. To make sure they don’t fall over Gift to Nature will be cutting down quite a few trees in the coming weeks and months. Although this action will look like a big change, the trees won’t be killed – they will grow back from the stumps.

The woodland path around the back of the reserve is a lovely stroll, but not everyone can get through, especially in the winter when it gets wet. Gift to Nature will be making a path that is easy for everyone to use and should be dry for most of the year. New gates and fences will also be installed where needed.

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