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A mini heatwave that has brought balmy conditions to the Isle of Wight will continue until at least Wednesday, forecasters have updated.

IW Met Service says that whilst the weekend has been nice, things are still on the up with an improving picture on Monday and and Tuesday with the mercury potentially hitting as high as 30c.

Saturday was pleasantly warm with the temperatures sitting in the low 20s – which is fairly average for the time of the year.

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Today is set to be a lovely day once the early mist clears away. Islanders can expect an increasing amount of sunshine and temperatures sitting around the mid 20s with a light to moderate breeze.

The new week will start with another fine day with long spells of sunshine and mostly light breezes, making things feel very warm indeed. Away from the coast 28c is possible.

Tuesday will be a very hot day across the Isle of Wight with a mix of sunny spells and cloud, with an increasing risk of the odd shower later in the day and overnight into Wednesday. Temperatures will vary from 22c to 28c, with more central and northwestern parts of the Island expected to see 30c. The wind will be mostly light and variable but with onshore sea breezes developing.

Things are a little uncertain for Wednesday at the moment but it is looking like it will be another very warm day, although maybe a little more cloudy with the odd thundery shower thrown in. The Island can expect to see 24c-26c widely with the odd spot hitting 28c. Winds will be turning into the Northeast and will be light to moderate.

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Just Sayin’

Before anyone starts blathering on about global warming, temperatures were around 35C in the Septembers of 1906 and 1911, well over a hundred years ago.


Good news for those with a Coastal enterprise.

Cresus .

Thank you.

Grand Fromage

And the cash in hand ‘sick’ and ‘unemployed’ staff.


Gf, you too know the cretin? Or stealing my thunder??


Another Tw4t Zak more the norm here now !


Name who you mean you insipid individual !

Last edited 12 days ago by Gungadin

Who do you refer too Fromage Frei – Name him !

Karn Evil 9

Bad new for the island residents who have to work and deal with ignorant and arrogant holidaymakers not sticking to the rules, wear a mask in shops please, and a message to Seely and co. Get rid of the “Exemption” to not wear a mask, there is not reason for anyone to be exempt now that we are heading for the 2nd spike.

Karn Evil 9

Thank god for that at least i will get the chance to try out my new woolen mancini.


Please attach photo.


Please don’t !


Before most peoples time so how are they supposed to remember.

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