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Police have closed a road in the centre of Newport this afternoon (Friday) as a result of a lorry colliding with a bay window.

The incident has taken place on Lugley Street, between Holyrood Street and St James’ Street.

It is understood the vehicle mounted the pavement and inadvertently made contact with a 1st floor bay window, resulting in significant damage to the building – the home of RMA Sports Injury Clinic.

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Motorists are being diverted locally with the one-way street currently closed.

UPDATE – Scaffolding is to be erected around the building and appropriate traffic management put in place.

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Dave Arundel

Typical, Steve is off and some pratt doesn’t know the area.

Hurry back Steve, we miss you.

George Browning

I believe the regular driver is called Yogi and is a proper professional and nice bloke. Have not seen him recently. But, Im pretty sure this would not have happened with him driving.

Fatty belcher

Yogi’s replacement then made a big Boo Boo. Don’t feed the bears, likely will be fined for pavement driving, frowned upon since London Bridge incident now.

Mark Jennings

He must have done at least 15 quids worth of damage there


Should read: Luton Van accidentally strikes apron/canopy of upper level bay window!

Smashing suggests deliberate act!

George Browning

its not a Luton van. Its a lgv 2 rigid


Ha ha ha! Half a truck, what was the driver blind?


More rigid than the window.


It’s a Luton, truck and cab are separate, if it’s the unit in the picture.

George Browning

a luton truck has part of the body covering the cab. Hence the term luton. This is just a normal rigid lgv 2 vehicle


Luton in my country is cab separate from body, nothing to do with over cab.


We are not even safe in our own upper rooms from this wild driving plague sweeping the Island at present.


He’s broken every rule in the book by mounting the pavement ,throw the book at the prat


The window is a sports injuries clinic don’t think they can do anything for the drivers brain.

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