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bestiversitynatalieIf future-facing illumination is your thing, then Bestiversity inspired by Goldsmiths, University of London, tucked snugly into the realms of The Amphitheatre, is where you need to be each day between midday and 15:00 this Bestival.

Dishing out neural nourishment with a series of compelling talks by the cream of the future-thinking crop, this year’s Bestiversity line-up runs the gamut of intrigue from the weird & wonderful to the scientific, political and downright nerdy!

Rob da Bank says:

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“If you’re looking to take the edge off the brilliant night before you can’t go wrong with a bit of Bestiversity. Inspired by my alma mater, Goldsmiths, and full of engaging info on the way forward for subjects as diverse as spirituality, compassion and sex, make sure you feed your brains with a bit of The Future!”

Patrick Loughrey, Warden of Goldsmiths, University of London said:

“We’re delighted to grow our relationship with Josie and Rob through Bestiversity. It’s a brilliant opportunity for us to share our love of learning and enquiry with everyone at the festival.”

Friday’s Bestiversity kicks off with the low down on The Future of Currency with the chaps from Wighthat Ltd, we’ll go Exploring the Wild Colours of Creativity with Kate Taylor from Up Coaching, take a look at The Future of Farming in Africa with Nick Jeffries, investigate How Is Art Taking Down The Oil Industry, with Will McCallum from Greenpeace and Danni Paffard from, and finish up with a double header from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation who will scrutinise The Future Of Circular Economy and The Future Of Jobs.

Saturday’s sagacity begins with The Future of Sustainability a sustainability game show by Southampton Uni., before searching out The Future of Biodiversity with David Hutchinson, The Future of the UK and the EU with The People’s Assembly, The Future of Cities with Maja Johannessen and Colin Webster and The Future of Charity with Josie Naughton and Lliana Bird from Help Refugees. Plus, there will be a look at Anxiety In Your 20s: How It’s Affecting More Women Than Ever with The Huffington Post UK.

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Sunday’s rites include a documentary with David Lynch talking about inner peace, transcending and consciousness, creativity and its future potential for everyone with The Future of Spirituality. Dr Kate Devlin from Goldsmiths’ Department of Computing will be discussing The Future of Sex: How AI, VR and sex robots will change intimacy – and what that tells us about being human. Plus, there will be enriching examinations of The Future of How We Change Behaviour and The Future of Compassion.

Bestival founders Josie and Rob da Bank met at Goldsmiths in 1991 before going on to found some of London’s most cutting-edge club nights during their time at the London university. Earlier this summer the alumni returned to New Cross to host Bestival at Goldsmiths – a one-day collaboration to celebrate culture and the arts.

Rob and Josie have also been made Honorary Fellows of Goldsmiths.  Paying tribute to the university, Rob said: “The cultural landscape of the UK would be in a much weaker position without Goldsmiths fighting the corner of the artists, the musicians, the free-spirits and the general creative vagabonds”.

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