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The Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats have announced that following the appointment of a new committee, they are prepared to cause an upset in the 2017 local elections.  

The new committee hopes to be ‘bold and positive’, reaching out to voters all over the Island. The Liberal Democrats once held the Island seat and controlled aspects of the Council in the late 1990s, but after their disastrous results in 2015 the party was left with just 1 seat.

Saturday at the saw the election of 7 new committee members. Former Chair Robert Packham, who had held the party together after the 2015 election results, did not stand – instead being re-elected as Vice-Chair of the local party. In his place Nicholas Belfitt, 23, who had led the party’s InTogether campaign during the Brexit Referendum, was voted in as the new Chair, making him one of the youngest chairs ever elected.

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Nicholas commented:

“I would like to thank everyone for this opportunity. I believe the Lib Dems are an emerging new force on the Island and this is a big year for us. We have a new message, a new vision and new alternatives to build a future for the Island.

“Across the country this year the Lib Dems have won more council seat in elections then all the other parties combined. We are the party putting forward a progressive Liberal message – a party that can help the island’s Youth, help islander’s welfare, and begin to build up our key infrastructure.  I would encourage those who are upset with what they are seeing in this country and on this Island to help us win back the Island.”

David Goodall made a key speech at the AGM of local members, vowing to remain committed to the party in his role as Parliamentary Candidate in the event of a snap election.

Full roles and positions of the elected committee can be found at

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