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The Leader of the Isle of Wight Council, Councillor Dave Stewart, is due to be in the hot seat on Monday night (18th March) when he attends a meeting of the Ryde Society at the Esplanade Hotel at 19:00.

Cllr Stewart is expected to deal with, among other issues, questions about plans to sell off Ryde harbour and threats to build houses in the countryside and along the seafront.

At the same time Richard Reis, Business Development Manager of WightFibre, will discuss plans to roll out super high speed broadband to the Island.

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The society’s chairwoman Stella Davis said that she hoped that people who come to the meeting will begin to “realise that Ryde is on its way up and will go away feeling very positive.”

She added:

“Our beautiful town is beginning to be recognised. We will have news of flags and new businesses, of festivals and gardens, so come along, buy a drink at the bar or in the coffee shop at The Esplanade and enjoy finding out what Ryde is really about.”

The society was launched last July but membership is said to be growing rapidly and as many as 200 people have attended recent public meetings.

Ms Davis added:

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“An opportunity to meet our Council leader, Cllr Dave Stewart, is not something we often get, and no doubt there will be a lively discussion. The information from Wightfibre will confirm that we are at the forefront of technology.”

There will also be a presentation from Francesca of the Modern Kitchen Garden, who will show that we have new food opportunities when we buy locally.

The society are currently looking for a secretary with the time, energy and enthusiasm to keep the records. They also need someone to be responsible for looking at planning applications on a weekly basis to check what the implications could be for Ryde.

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Paul Surridge
Paul Surridge

You must be Joking Rydes on the up? The road repairs in the high street have been embarrassing and now the state of the roads down Monkton street, Bennett street and others make Ryde nothing more then a washed up town living on past glories. What a joke with pubs closing and empty shops, in all my many years living in Ryde, its at its worst.

Mark Stagg
Mark Stagg

Why does the Council run so many projects through out the Island? When all in all, if the Council was ran as a business it would fail in a day. So yeah by all means sell off Ryde Harbour, cause to pay for it’s upkeep Council Tax hikes up again. I also agree, with the state of the roads and pavements, not just in Ryde, but through out the whole of the Island, businesses closing cause now the Supermarkets are not in the high street anymore, they’re out of the way. Gone are the days when you could go into one Supermarket, go out the door and into the one next door. Since Supermarkets have moved out of the main high street, other businesses have failed. The only remaining original shop here in Newport high street is Boots, all the other shops have gone, though Dorothy Perkins kept closing and reopening. The high street no matter what town is dead.


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