Hundreds of homes and businesses have lost power in the Shanklin area this morning (Wednesday).

A total of 123 postcodes in the PO37 region have been affected by the outage, which rendered properties without electricity at 11:39.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks are aware of the fault and engineers are being deployed.

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It is currently unknown when exactly power will be restored – little comfort to the businesses now struggling to operate at one of the busiest times of the year. However, there is a suggestion that supplies will be back online by 15:00 this afternoon.

UPDATE @ 13:20 – A total of 1,600 properties have been affected by today’s outage, although power has now been restored to all but around 500 customers.

Engineers are still investigating the cause.

A spokesperson for SSEN has said:

“We’d like to sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by today’s fault and thank the local community for their patience as our teams work to restore supplies as quickly as possible. If anyone requires further assistance, please call us on our power cut helpline, 105.”

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123 known affected area(s)
 PO36 9LG
 PO37 6AE
 PO37 6AF
 PO37 6AG
 PO37 6AH
 PO37 6AL
 PO37 6AN
 PO37 6AP
 PO37 6AR
 PO37 6AS
 PO37 6AT
 PO37 6AU
 PO37 6AW
 PO37 6AY
 PO37 6AZ
 PO37 6BA
 PO37 6BB
 PO37 6BD
 PO37 6BE
 PO37 6BF
 PO37 6BG
 PO37 6BH
 PO37 6BJ
 PO37 6BN
 PO37 6BP
 PO37 6BQ
 PO37 6BS
 PO37 6BT
 PO37 6BU
 PO37 6BW
 PO37 6DB
 PO37 6DD
 PO37 6DE
 PO37 6DF
 PO37 6DG
 PO37 6DH
 PO37 6DJ
 PO37 6DL
 PO37 6DN
 PO37 6DP
 PO37 6DQ
 PO37 6DR
 PO37 6DS
 PO37 6DW
 PO37 6EA
 PO37 6EB
 PO37 6ED
 PO37 6EG
 PO37 6EH
 PO37 6EJ
 PO37 6EL
 PO37 6EN
 PO37 6ES
 PO37 6FA
 PO37 6FD
 PO37 6FE
 PO37 6FF
 PO37 6FG
 PO37 6JJ
 PO37 6JN
 PO37 6JQ
 PO37 6JU
 PO37 6JW
 PO37 6JY
 PO37 6JZ
 PO37 6LA
 PO37 6LB
 PO37 6LD
 PO37 6LG
 PO37 6LP
 PO37 6LR
 PO37 6LY
 PO37 6PG
 PO37 6PJ
 PO37 6PL
 PO37 7AA
 PO37 7AD
 PO37 7AE
 PO37 7AF
 PO37 7AG
 PO37 7AH
 PO37 7AJ
 PO37 7AN
 PO37 7AP
 PO37 7AQ
 PO37 7AT
 PO37 7AU
 PO37 7AX
 PO37 7BF
 PO37 7BN
 PO37 7BP
 PO37 7BQ
 PO37 7BT
 PO37 7DT
 PO37 7DW
 PO37 7HR
 PO37 7HU
 PO37 7HZ
 PO37 7JA
 PO37 7JB
 PO37 7JD
 PO37 7JE
 PO37 7JR
 PO37 7JS
 PO37 7JU
 PO37 7JX
 PO37 7JY
 PO37 7LN
 PO37 7LP
 PO37 7LR
 PO37 7LT
 PO37 7LU
 PO37 7LW
 PO37 7LX
 PO37 7LY
 PO37 7LZ
 PO37 7NA
 PO37 7NB
 PO37 7NE
 PO37 7NF
 PO37 7NP
 PO37 7NR
 PO37 7PD

For further information about this power cut call the dedicated helpline by dialling 105.

Alternatively, you can send SSEN a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity).

App: Did you know SSEN also have a mobile phone app where you can report, locate, track and subscribe to faults in your area?

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

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Mrs T
Mrs T
1 month ago

Just shows how our Island infrastructure copes when it’s busy. More houses??

1 month ago

It must be a competition to find out what is the worst Utility Company. Hard to choose between SSEN and Southern Water at the moment

1 month ago

Gives a whole new meaning to the Postcode Lottery

1 month ago

Sounds a bit like ‘buyer beware’ if anyone is considering purchasing a new build on the Island! Nice home but might suffer from grey water backing up in the system, flooding during extreme weather, power cuts, possible Landslips and god only knows what else may befall someone with a few hundred thousand pounds to spare.

1 month ago

Can we have the timetable of the planned power cuts so we can plan ahead?

1 month ago

God help us when we are all forced to have electric cars !!!!

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