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Firefighters are in attendance at the derelict Harcourt Sands holiday park in Ryde tonight (Monday) where a large fire in the open is being extinguished. 

2 appliances from Ryde are currently damping down and turning over what has been described as a large unattended bonfire.

Smoke could be seen coming from the derelict site off Puckpool Hill at 20:50, prompting a call to the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service.

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Firefighters are carrying out water runs from a local hydrant to continue dowsing the fire.

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Phil E

How many times? Kids in there all the time, just a joke now.


all the kids where down there Sunday night drunk the guy opens his bar and been sealing them the drink was out walking and saw them down there


Such a shame, fond memories

isla wight

Ventnor were out to the seafront, someone decided to leave a glowing hot disposable b.b.q in a litter bin, brain dead some people.

Lucy Lane

Does anyone know what is going on with harcourt sands as in who owns it? I heard it was a mainland company? Such a waste of land so sad.


I blame iow council if they they didn’t keep refusing planning applications over the years we wouldn’t have a derelict plot of land going to waste.


Isle of wight council are a dictatorship, just like any government around the world, ” Corrupt” and self serving….


Prob the builders that are there always people blame the kids if you give them something to do and not lock em up instead give them some thing to focus on

Dave Manning

The builders are always burning rubbish up there , it’s about time environmental health got involved


These snowflake kids your talking about should look at how the young kids are suffering in other countries, kids that live on the streets ignored by their country folk and scavenge for food out of bins. Kids that have no health care or a home to go back too, kids that are abused and treated like vermin, if you think kids in this country are hard done by perhaps you should open your eyes and realise there are worse places to live.. You say give the kids something to focus on, it’s called parenting, it’s not everyone else’s problem to… Read more »


exactly clare – just look at the “train station kids” in india – they have no parents because of being orphaned or abandoned. Some are as young as five, they huddle together for comfort and safety – and beg from passers by for food and drink. Business people step over the kids to get to the train. They are left there to fend for themselves. Ask adults around that area ..they say – “they are not my kids, I am not responsible for them, I have my own to support, not my problem, not my caste, I am making sure… Read more »

Martin W

Perhaps it should now re open as a holiday camp. People will be afraid or too poor to go away for hols now, and so hols in the UK likely to become more popular.

nature only

how about the site is completely cleared of all structures and returned to nature, with trees planted, grass grown and flora and fauna encouraged to return?

We do not have to re-create the filth, mess and pollution from the days of the holiday camp


It’s too expensive to go to the IOW, I can hire a wooden cabin with 2 bathrooms to sleep 8 in Wales for 2 weeks for the same money as a dead fly filled caravan in the IOW for a week peak season.


gungadin – renting a 3 bedroom house in wales is the same as a one bed flat on the island.


I was referring to a holiday booking.


The whole place needs to be flattened it will never open again


That would be ashamed why not rebuild as new holiday camp


Yes I agree. Its an easy target. Flattening it will remove the temptation. It’s a fantastic spot how it’s not been turned into a premium camp site I don’t know. Don’t need buildings just nice pitches. I can only guess owner is hoping to get to build houses. And so these events in their favour.????


It would be inappropriate to suggest the best way to get rid of a “Dangerous Structure” is to make it dangerous……..

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