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Some 22 Islanders have now died after testing positive for coronavirus, according to the latest data from NHS England.

Today’s figures show that another person died at St Mary’s Hospital in Newport on Friday (24th April).

As of yesterday, 86 people had tested positive for COVID-19 on the Island with 21 people recovered and discharged from hospital.

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Alistair Flowerdew, Medical Director at Isle of Wight NHS Trust, said:

“Sadly, we can confirm that a person being cared for at St Mary’s Hospital who had tested positive for coronavirus has died.

“The woman was in her 80s and had underlying health conditions.

“Her family has been informed and our thoughts and deepest condolences are with them at this difficult and distressing time.”

In the national picture, a total of 148,377 people have tested positive for COVID-19 with a total of 20,319 deaths (as of 25th April).

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We have not reached our peak… they wanna open bq all they are doing is killing us off…. enforce a proper lock down not open the bloody island up


Absolutely agree with you


The cannon fodder on Ryde beach sunbathing and playing in the sand are doing their best to increase this number.

Furloughed Frank

Let’s hope that the peak will soon be reached as we now have more dying than recovered in our hospital.

Must be very hard on the staff and hope they can cope with the horror of it all.

Avoid everyone you can for as long as you can.


Apparently lockdown ends on May 7th in current form.

Give it two weeks from then, and watch the hospital bed fill. Sadly and ironically it will only be the fact that half admitted will likely die, which will keep the beds available.

A most hideous time for us all just playing a waiting game now and worse for those who have already lost loved ones.

So expect far more to come yet. Hope I am wrong.

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