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The Isle of Wight Hunt has been cautioned for breaking a noise abatement notice.

A trial was scheduled to be heard at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court over 2 days this week, to hear evidence of how the Hunt had contravened and failed to comply with an abatement notice between 3rd May and 30th August last year.

However, an ‘accommodation’ was reached beforehand between the Isle of Wight Council, who issued the original abatement notice in September 2018, and the Hunt’s directors, Anthony Blest and John Curtis.

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Noise abatement notices are issued by local authorities following an investigation of complaints about a certain issue that may be considered a ‘statutory nuisance’.

The failure to comply was caused by the ‘statutory nuisance’ of barking and/or howling of a hound or hounds, without reasonable excuse, contrary to section 80 (4) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Duncan Milne, prosecuting, offered no formal evidence to the court and said:

“The position is that the civil cautions for the matters which are before this court have been signed by the directors on behalf of this company.”

The Hunt admitted the offence and signed the caution.

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The formal notice was agreed at County Hall, the Isle of Wight Council’s main office space, in Newport yesterday (14th September).

If the Hunt breaches the caution, the Isle of Wight Council has confirmed the case could go back to court.

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Linda Belcher

It’s disgusting how those dogs are treated !!! I thought hunts were illegal !!! They will get away with it as money talks


No, just fox hunting… Drag hunting is still perfectly legal
& What’s wrong with how the hounds are treated? They seem happy enough ..anyway, .this was about the noise


It seems such an expensive fuss being made over a long standing traditional countryside activity.
Why can’t people be reasonable about it, as it’s not every other day when this noise occurs ? – Perhaps a few times a year at most… And is the sound of horns and dogs on those occasions, so very bad ?

Since the cruelty of the original form has been removed, I don’t see why people are still objecting. Some people will complain about anything..


Probably the same people who moaned about moto X and motorbike racing always moaning about everything.

isla wight

Go up on an open day when we’re eventually allowed to. You will see they are in fact, very well looked after.


Is that why the hunt leaders are seen abusing their Hounds by kicking or punching?
Total scum the lot of them all hunting should be banned!

Bish bosh

No .people like you should be banned.


What a very silly comment without any evidence what so ever to verify it!

Kathy Ingraham

What I find sickening is these hunt people’s hounds, splatter the roads and lanes around Gatcombe, where they are based, with dogs doo doo. Never have to pick it up as we would be obliged to do so.
But then, those who hunt think that their own has no odour, and presumably assume their hounds are the same.
To believe foxes are still not cruelly killed by these cretins is to be naive in the extreme.


The hunt is the last bastion of privilege running over anyone or anything that stand in their way. Walking my dog, on the lead. The hunt came pass. She was very frightened. Their dogs were in a public place OFF THE LEAD and NOT under control. This is an offence!

Bish bosh

Idiot .


Your the idiot!


“You’re the idiot” to be correct

Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet, and let people think you’re an idiot,… than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Bish bosh

No all you bigots are the idiots .


What does “an accomodation was reached ” mean? A suitable envelope bestowed on the right IWC person to bend the process of the law, no doubt.

isla wight

If a complaint was put in about the noise from the r.s.p.c.a.dogs home or the roaring of tigers/lions at the zoo, would it be treated in the same biased way? I doubt it


Wait till large groups take up grouse shooting, that’ll be something else to moan about.

Lady Longdown

“… howling of a hound..” I love it! Stay off the Moor, Sir Henry, for the Baskervilles are cursed. Tee, hee. When I first read the headline about noise abatement, I thought maybe it was something to do with the wailing and gnashing of teeth the vegans displayed when they found out the very much hijacked, so called, Vegan Festival at Ventnor Botanic Gardens (formerly owned by everyone, ladies and gents, but £1 and certain persuasion dictated otherwise) was being run by a Master of the Hunt. A while ago, perhaps, but that affair made Covid-19 look perfectly straightforward!


This case is yet again about ongoing, continual noise nuisance.  Same Hunt in court in 2003/4.  The barking and howling of 60 large dogs occurs every day and every night. Totally unacceptable to any normal person.  This issue is NOTHING to do with hunting.

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