A yellow weather warning for ice has been issued for the Isle of Wight as freezing temperatures are expected overnight into Saturday morning.

Forecasters at IW Met Service say heavy showers this evening will lead to wet roads and possible surface water.

After midnight, the showers will clear and the temperatures will drop to around 0c in many rural parts, potentially leading to icy stretches on untreated roads and surfaces.

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Motorists should be aware of the risk of ice and/or invisible Black Ice in some rural parts, causing extremely slippery and potentially hazardous driving conditions.

The warning is in force from 02:00 until 08:00 on Saturday 9th April 2022.

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Incredible !!
Incredible !!
4 months ago

Something strange, when I was in school I was taught freezing is 0 deg Celcius.. or lower.. weather reports say might go down to 2 deg about 6 am in the morning… but then will be rising… water does not freeze at 2 deg , plus the ground is not already freezing, so will not have much effect for an hour…. just a thought !!

IW Met
IW Met
Reply to  Incredible !!
4 months ago

I am afraid you are missing out on many points.
First off the air temperature is meant to fall as low as 0 degrees in rural areas, perhaps even a touch below in a few sheltered parts, and even though you are correct about water not freezing above 0 degrees, what you are actually referring to here are the air temperatures, as this is what all forecasters use.
An air temperature of 2 degrees celsius would mean a ground temperature of around 0 degrees celsius to -1 degrees celsius (if the winds are fairly light), this is due to radiative cooling from the ground, also the fact that cold air usually tends to sink too.


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