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UPDATED: Human remains have been discovered by a member of the public in Wootton Bridge today (Thursday).

Police were alerted to the discovery on a currently unidentified stretch of beach at just before 10:40.

Officers arrived at the scene to examine the remains with initial inspections suggesting they have been under the sand for a ‘considerable amount of time’.

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Hampshire Constabulary say that the remains will be recovered ‘in due course’ to be analysed.

It is also reported to Island Echo that the lower part of a jaw – compete with teeth – was found on a beach at Appley in Ryde this morning, also prompting a Police response. However, Police are yet to confirm if the discovery is that of human remains and there is no suggestion at this stage that the 2 discoveries are linked.

CORRECTION: Editor’s footnote: Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that an error was made in their statement yesterday; the remains were found at Springvale near Ryde, not at Wootton Bridge as previously reported.

This article has now been superseded… https://www.islandecho.co.uk/human-remains-recovered-from-beach-after-puckpool-discovery/.

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