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hovertravellogoHovertravel has launched a new community initiative, HoverTalent, to support the next generation of aspiring musicians, sportspeople and artists from the Isle of Wight.

The HoverTalent initiative offers students (between the ages of 5 and 16 years) a travel card of 50 single journeys at £129 (only £2.58 per journey) or a travel card of 100 single journeys at £258 (also only £2.58 per journey). The HoverTalent 50 journey travel card is a new product and compared to the individual journey price on an existing 40 journey travel card, saves 14.6%, whilst the HoverTalent 100 journey travel card represents an overall discount of 12.5%.

Hovertravel’s Commercial and Marketing Manager Loretta Lale explains:

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“We want to support children who need to travel to develop their talent, whether that talent is in sports, music or the arts. We appreciate that embryonic talent needs to be nurtured and have created some deeply discounted fares to help students pursue their passion.”

Hovertravel is asking prospective students to apply in writing to Hovertravel via email or post, indicating why they should be eligible for the discounted fares, and to include a letter/email with the logo and contact details of the establishment providing the coaching as proof of the student’s training.

Loretta adds:

“To kick start Hovertalent we are going to select 10 applicants to each receive a free 50 journey travel card and we will be announcing these names at the end of the month, so make sure we receive your application in the next couple of weeks.”

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