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Temperatures in excess of 30c were recorded on the Isle of Wight today (Friday), making it the hottest day of the year so far.

Crowds of tourists and locals alike rushed to the beaches to make the most of the glorious sunshine before the clouds rolled over at gone 15:00.

IW Met Service were keeping an eye on the temperatures throughout the day with 31c recorded in Cowes, just beating Ryde which recorded a maximum of 30.4c.

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It was slightly cooler in Newport, but still rather balmy, at 29.9c.

Today has been declared the third hottest day ever recorded in the UK.

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You say that crowds of tourists and locals alike flocked to the beach…but did you conduct a survey?…I think not….fake news….(it was bloody warm tho)..


The beaches were completely packed solid! No parking at all along any of the promenades and difficult to walk anywhere without bumping into people 🙁

Bill Edwards ventnor

Go to the beach and spread the virus!
We will be in lockdown Again very shortly thanks to your ignorance people !!!!


oh shut up get a life stop reading into it all this is,nt britain or bournmouth enjoy life i dont want to saty in when its 30 c

Opinions Matter

I wonder how many remembered to keep their distance from each other? I was in a supermarket yesterday and a man in his 30’s I’d guess, came and stood close behind me in the checkout queue. I had to politely remind him of social distancing, his reply to me was “I thought that was all finished with”. Beggars belief really. With ignorant people like him, is it any wonder we will see the virus spreading.

Mark Jennings

whinge whinge bloody whinge.
you need to drink more, maybe then you wouldn’t be so bloody miserable


Spot on my man


Another pathetic comment.


Pathetic comment.


Just wondering…..Is it drink that is prompting you to post such inane,inhumane comments?

Karn Evil 9

Your right ignorance is rife on the island right now. And we all know why don’t we.

Mark Jennings

Miserable sod


Exactly what you could be in a few weeks’ time……..

Mark Jennings

Fake virus, fake news


A good friend of mine died from this you ignorant arsehole. How dare you speak lies about something you know nothing about.


So….if this Winter sees you ill beyond belief and sweating in your bed wanting someone to help,we’ll just assume you’re faking it!

Stay at home

I often wonder if there is a higher percentage of ignorant people on the Island than elsewhere in the country. Certainly Ryde seems full of them. The more ignorant are the ones less likely to wear face coverings and don’t observe the distancing and go around in groups of others the same type as themselves. Ryde has already turned into a concrete jungle full of lowlife. I’ve lived here all my life and seen it get worse and worse over the decades until it’s hardly recognisable as how it used to be. It never used to be the best place… Read more »


It’s not just Ryde, it’s the whole country, society doesn’t exist anymore, it’s now so called community’s that live differently from other community’s.

Our nation is divided into mini states now, we no longer sing from the same song sheet.

There’s no respect towards each other, there’s no unity or national proudness, we have become selfish and sometimes violent towards each other.

Sad but true in my opinion..

Don't stay at home

Donald Trump has the right idea on how the world should be led…


Wait UNTIL Penny feathers is built to capacity, along with Bullen. This is the nice times.
Life will be as vile as it is in many low life mainland areas. BUT the council planners and developers will NOT be living anywhere near the ruination, so they don’t care.

Karn Evil 9

I foresee that the Government might impose a Beach Lockdown. The amount of people on the beach and NOT distancing is crazy. Watch out St Mary’s it’s coming back.

High heeled lovely

Fake news


As I said yesterday Ryde would not be the hottest location on the IOW

Stay at home

I certainly never noticed it being that hot. But then I stayed in all day and never went out until 6pm and was certainly quite cool by then with a strong breeze blowing.

Don't stay at home

Is that because the “virus” goes in for its dinner at 6?

Stay at home

No, it’s because I was busy until then. Today I haven’t yet been out at all, too busy. It’ll be gone 9pm until I get out for a walk tonight.


So many people think the virus is over it’s not and if we are not carful we will get a huge spike

Black Jack

I was on Ryde beach today and everyone was doing there best to observe social distancing,appart from the odd excited small child.

Carly Green

As Ryde is concreted over, imagine the extra thousands flocking to the beach in a few years time.
This IS the good times, enjoy the so few sunny days left.


Quite rightly so carly
It is high time the country and these people realised, covid is not going anywhere, ever and the planet must learn to live with it. Get back to work, back to the shops, back to the beaches, the pubs, forget this social distancing crap, accept the fact that some will get it, just like any other disease or virus and get on with life. Those that are so scared or consider theirselves vulnerable can just stay in doors.

Janesville Read

Many are vulnerable but still have to work, can’t all stay indoors

No one important

Looks like a clever camera angle shot to me!!


Karn Evil 9. I don’t know why please explain.


The people who are nearly always complaining about the virus are the over 50,s.
I am 30 and most of my friends keep a good distance but not the old people over 50. They stand close to you, have masks hanging below their noses touch all the items in the shop before putting them back. They should all self isolate apart from going to the shops between 9-10 that way we will all be safe. These are the people we have to be scared of.


im over 50 feb up with it all i went to the beach pub walks im liveing my life agree with you on this….


go to the beach, spend money, save the economy, that,s my statement ….better than the useless gov one..have fun for christ sake….


Yeah you might be dead from the virus when the second wave hits then your family will be saying we should of taken notice of the warnings put in place

Me me

Take you bloody rubbish home

Stay at home

Just about every time I have ever been to the beach, I have had to pick up rubbish discarded there by ignorant people, usually plastic containers, coke cans etc, Which is one reason I hardly ever go to the beach now.


It is really sad to see 🙁 Not only is it awful to look at but the environment suffers so much too. Sea life especially suffers from ingesting plastics etc and getting stuck or cut on plastic and metal. Some people dont seem to give a damn, as long as they are having a good time, but there will come a point where going to the beach to have a good time is no longer possible 🙁

Bob Frapples

Moan Moan Moan Moan Moan Moan


Blatently one of the people who leave rubbish behind then………….

Mr justice

This is to all you sheep that will say, they are going to spread the virus! I have one word that will destroy your pathetic statement, PROTESTS! That’s right,BLM protests, no one moaned and the bs virus then did they. So your argument means nothing, oh and there wasnt a spike after them,so why when people go to the beach would there be a spike? Bs virus!


Just look at the USA…all the protests,the crowded beaches and bars…..within weeks they are beyond losing control.   All the “fake-news” people are those who are hiding their fears; hoping it will all miraculously go away…pretending even to themselves this does not exist simply because as yet it hasn’t touched them or their loved ones. They simply don’t WANT and REFUSE to believe it because in truth they are scared witless.   They are mini Donald Trumps…..believing their own fake stories and that quack remedies will somehow make reality disappear.   I fear the upcoming Autumn and Winter months might… Read more »

Mr justice

People will get seasonal flu,but of course reported as covid. How many dead in usa ( old sick people)? 156,000. Swine flu killed 4 million! So your covid is not the deadliest virus after all,infact your own government has down graded the virus to a flu strength virus! Dont believe me,go to the the then. You are all playing into the hands of this plandemic , and when you realise it will be to late.

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