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An off duty PCSO and a member of the public have been praised for their actions after pulling causalities from the wreckage of a burning vehicle following a crash near Yarmouth this morning (Sunday).

The Renault Kangoo with 3 people inside left the road and collided head-on with a tree at around 07:20.

Following the impact, the vehicle burst into flames but not all of the occupants of the vehicle could escape unaided.

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As first reported by Island Echo, emergency services were scrambled to the scene including the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.

Stood in front of the burnt out remains of the Renault, Group Manager James Lucy of the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service told Island Echo that the actions of the members of the public and PCSO Oateley undoubtedly saved lives today.

1 person has been airlifted to Southampton General Hospital with serious injuries and a further 2 people have been conveyed by land ambulance to St Mary’s Hospital.

Police remain in attendance at the incident close to the junction with Hill Place Lane. Forensic Collision Investigators from the mainland have been called to examine the scene.

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UPDATE @ 14:30 – The road has now re-opened in both directions.

Photo: Friends of Freshwater Fire Station

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strang time of day i wonder bit more to this one


prob late for ferry


Well keep your ‘wondering’ to yourself


People who don’t work may think 7:20 is a strange time of day, the rest of us, who pay our taxes, think it’s normal.


Fortunate that here, on the Island, we still have decent people who were kind and brave enough to have helped.
For in some rough areas, the chavs would just film the undoubted hideous deaths of the trapped inside to laugh about and upload for other vile to watch for ‘fun’.
The Island is lucky that atm, the nice people are still in greater number than the vile, although the latter are growing alarmingly and with large scale building programmes such as Pennyfeathers the unpleasant to decent ratio, will likely rise quite dramatically.


so very true. but I almost want to suggest to Island Echo that they begin their reports with ‘And the location of todays crash is…….’ as these things happen so frequently. While it is always possible that it is unavoidable, so very often you have to question driver attention, or lack of it.

Magical mag

Just hope the three people will be okay ,find it quite annoying inbetween the information island ECHO puts an advert for Leslie’s motors ?


Perhaps YOU would like to pay for up to the minute news. Most would prefer ads.


Mr tubie grip can i have a pound off you for every time you talk about an unbuilt housing estate.at least then i could retire and live the life of luxury.


Like CV, anything that is life changing, is worth reminding people about. For when it is filled with ‘charming’ overspill, it will then be too late. Once all those houses are bred into capacity, imagine then how many more homes will be needed within a couple of decades just to take those new homes offspring.   Some don’t THINK, or likely just don’t ‘care’, well tough, I do both.   The dim think, ‘Well my kids need somewhere to live’ but this won’t BE for many Island families it will be filled with whoever pays OUR council the most to… Read more »

Sue Evans

What and who is “charming overspill” ?

Magical mag

But a ruddy advert for cars when theirs been an accident and people are badly injured ….


Well done to the PCSO and member of public for their life saving actions.
Good to hear that there are still people like them out and about.


Totally agree with you. Applause all round for these heroes. Hope the injured get better soon.

The Real Truth

Pesky trees, always getting in the way of me driving.

Step Back

Pesky morons, always making stupid comments


Well done to the members of the public who helped, they are the proper heroes .


Why when it’s a serious accident and people badly injured do people have to snipe and bitch about every little thing. Just be kind and if you can’t then just keep quiet. Why is 7 whatever a strange time for an accident. They could be going to work or going on a day trip. Nothing strange really and why more to this than meets the eye am I missing something or just naive !!

Sean Millward

Well proud of my brother in law Stephen Oatley who endangered himself to save these lives. Well done Steve – a truly heroic act


Well done Stephen.Great guy.

Janet Bennett

My son was the chap who got the girl out of the car and helped get the chap with the broken leg out of the way of the fire.

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