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The topic of health and wellness has been one on the forefront of many social campaigns in recent years, particularly those concerning mental wellbeing and mental health.

We’ve seen many adopt new practices and take full advantage of their “mental health” days from work in an effort to reduce stress, but a proven way to tackle these has been difficult to find and many turn to alternative methods that many say have been a big help to them – meditation, self reflection, and psychics amongst many others have been attributed to offering some relief, and whilst you can find more on, there’s a lot that can said for different methods to approach your wellness.

During the lockdown following the coronavirus, this is something that may be looking to be more important than ever as we’re starting to see reports of those having extremely vivid dreams, seemingly without cause. There are many thoughts behind this – one of which is stating that as those not at work are no longer relying on an alarm clock to wake up artificially, the REM sleep cycle in which we typically experience our dreams is occurring more often as we’re completing our full sleep cycle. Other factors are being attributed to this too – increasing amounts of stress as we worry about our loved ones, about our jobs, and about the future in general could be part of the reason in which many are finding their dreams to be more vivid than usual.

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Of those who responded to the survey, and those who may appear to be the worst hit, are reportedly the frontline medical staff – and this may be unsurprising as over the last week or so speculation has also been stated that those on the frontlines during this crisis may be at an increased risk of developing PTSD like symptoms – something in which the researcher behind the dreams survey had stated happened during WWII.

It may now, during this global crisis, be more important than ever to have a little time to focus on ourselves – as many are facing the increased stress of no longer being at work and wondering what the future has in store, it can be difficult to really find time to relax – those at home have more time than ever to focus on themselves but in a more difficult situation that many may have experienced before. As mentioned earlier, methods such as meditation have been found to have good results for many – finding something that works for you, to help relax and to relieve stress may become extremely important in the coming weeks as we prepare for the worst to come and go, and as many prepare to settle back in to the day to day hustle and bustle that may seem like a distant memory to those who have been at home for the full duration of the current four week lockdown.

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