PHOTO GALLERY & VIDEO: Over £5,500 has been raised for charity as a result of the Everest 13 challenge, which saw local firefighters climbing a 10m ladder non-stop for 24 hours over the weekend.

The fundraising event took place on Western Gardens, Ryde following months of preparation and training by the firefighters of Ryde Fire Station, plus some from further afield.

Although they didn’t quite reach their target of climbing the equivalent of 13 Mount Everests, the team did incredibly well and climbed a total of 71,770m between 16:00 on Saturday and 16:00 on Sunday – the same as climbing Mount Everest a staggering 8 times.

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The beneficiaries for this year’s event will be the Ryde Fire Station Charity Fund which donates sums of cash, computers, music devices and other items to help make life a little easier for various local families who may find themselves in difficult, physical and emotional situations.

The Wight Brainy Bunch, which was set up by Ryde firefighter Mark Grimes and his wife Kathryn following Mark’s diagnosis of a brain tumour in February 2015, will also benefit from the funds raised.





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