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Several fire appliances are in attendance at St Mary’s Hospital in Newport tonight (Thursday) as crews respond to an alert.

Firefighters from Newport and Cowes are on scene at the main entrance to the lower ground floor of the hospital, which is situated off Parkhurst Road.

Those at the scene say that part of the hospital has been evacuated as investigations are carried out. The situation appears to be under control, Island Echo is told.

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The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service was called out shortly before 18:20 with 3 appliances and an aerial ladder platform mobilised.

UPDATE @ 21:20 – It has been confirmed that the smell of burning in the scanning department prompted the call out. However, following investigations, the alert has been deemed a false alarm.

Fire crews have now stood down and returned to station.

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Sharon Speed

Slight exaggeration there! Hahah!

Az-Zahara Aziz

The amount of cash wasted on unnecessary fire crews call outs must be staggering.
Be nice to have a weekly tally of costs for all fire crews and what they actually did if anything as many calls are for nothing published in the country press

In times of every one else having to cut back the fire service seems over the top in the amount of appliances and crew.

carolyn elliott

well it’s a good job they do check god forbid if there was a fire and it was ignored !!!!! disasters happen through ignorance !!!


Even tough a false alarm the smell of burning in a scanner room could’ve denoted an electrical fire. And if so, being an electrical fire would spread quickly and thus lots of already vulnerable and poorly people would be terribly effected. And the staff would have to jeopardise themselves to help them. So better safe than sorry. I have pent up emotion about misspent money too. How about turning your attentions to how Wight Fibre are currently ripping up and TERRIBLY reinstating our recently renewed pavements that all us taxpayers have paid for plus the funding we had secured. WHAT… Read more »

Andy Ash

Wow you clearly know very little about the fire service and how understaffed we are

peter avery

wilst doing security at st marys several years ago this unfortunateley was regular . this part of the hospital ,and sevenacres regulary had fire ,police attendance porters ,security were often called to assist ,all for no reason

Az-Zahara Aziz

I know of care homes where if the fire alarm, as they do goes off by a known safe source such as burnt toast etc. Then despite a staff member telling the fire department they still HAVE to send a crew out. For most shouts way over staffed and I know many will say ‘better to be safe than sorry ‘ but one could have ten fire crews to each shout so a limit needs to be made. Seems to me that since the fireman’s stoke this over staffing is a means to get more income rather than an increase… Read more »


Who is this clown

none given

alternatively the staff member at the care home that sees the reason the fire alarm has gone off being the burnt toast, could just throw said burnt toast away, open the windows and reset the alarm. They do not have to call the fire brigade, unless of course the staff are that inept. Would they call the fire brigade when they are at home, if they burnt their own toast – no they wouldn’t, so why would they call them at work for the same reason.

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