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Emergency services – including an air ambulance – have been called to an incident at Compton Bay in the West Wight tonight (Sunday). 

Multiple police units and ambulance crews responded to the area at around 23:15, closely followed by HM Coastguard.

Coastguard Rescue Teams from Ventnor and The Needles are in attendance at the beauty spot and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance has landed nearby.

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An Island Echo reader has told us that a person has fallen down the cliff.

UPDATE MONDAY @ 06:45 – 1 person has been conveyed to Southampton General Hospital by the air ambulance overnight after sustaining serious injuries.

The male fell around 20m down the cliff at Hanover Point (Compton car park). The extent of the man’s injuries is unknown at this time.

Photo: Needles CRT

HM Coastguard worked to recover the casualty to the cliff top and transferred him into the care of paramedics.

Rescue teams stood down from the incident at around 01:30 this morning.

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Inbred iowter

Are there no fences along that area?


Either make a remotely constructive comment, or simply don’t bother!


That is constructive.. Or do you wish for another near fatal accident???




Beer n hieghts dont mix

Horse face

Perhaps the farmers could fence the miles of crumbling cliff, and keep moving it in every few months at great expense as it falls.   Perhaps the council could fit signs in various languages every few yards warning of the danger raising our council tax.   Perhaps emergency phones could be fitted every few hundred yards so people could phone up to alert the emergency service a fit a long lead contained within a ‘bungy cord’ to the receiver should the cliff fall when on the phone.   Perhaps the samaritains could walk the area 24/7 just in ‘case’  … Read more »

Bob Bobbington

Common sense is all that is required. Cliff edges are dangerous at all times, let alone IN THE DARK. There is no need for signs or fences.
I remember as a kid adverts telling people of these, and other dangers….such well as the green cross code and NOT TO wear dark clothes at night but all of that has stopped nowadays and now people just want to blame others for their own actions.

Horse face

My comment was supposed to have been sarcastic. Not to be taken seriously.
Now, peoples first thought of when someone is hurt, offended, insulted, is ‘How much compo’ they can extract.
Hence the lack of hi vis clothing at night, lights on cycles etc and parents now, who are ‘paid’ to have children care more about the income, and the social home having such provide, than their safety.
So it will be the ‘car’ drivers fault never the thoughtless generation who can never be blamed, but can always be ‘compensated’.

Opinions Matter

Why was he wandering around in the dark @ 23:15?

Horse face

According to many on here, we are not allowed to guess, only cluck our sympathy like good sheep, but I will give a few suggestions.   Either suicidal, drunk, drugged, signalling a boat for a drugs, people trafficking drop off, a fisherman cut off by tide, or one taking a short cut, an idiot or someone with a senile issue.   If something ‘illegal’ we will likely never know, but if you find someone clutching a phone, not speaking English, pregnant, looking for their ‘pickup’ along that coast, and having no passport then you can eliminate the other more likely… Read more »


In such a scenario where somebody falls off of a cliff, how can your innocence be brought into question? Are some crimes or even behaviours worthy of a horrific 100ft fall to death or close to it?
What is wrong with people like you? No he was not any of the above, from what we could tell he was on the IOW on holiday and, in error, fell off the cliff. What he was doing at the top of the cliff is frankly of pretty much ZERO concern in the matter.


Judging by the number of overnight tents and Van’s, I would hazard a guess (to add to yours) that he’d gone out to relieve himself!!!


There are reports and pictures on Facebook showing two tents pitched up there yesterday – one very close to the cliff edge right next to the car park – wild camping. Not sure if this is connected in anyway.

Just Sayin’

Perseids, mate, Perseids.

Richard Collins



Can you enlighten me on Perseids. The only Perseids I know of is that are a prolific meteor shower originating from the Perseus constellation. Just a question.


Maybe a torch, candle, source of light.

liam davis

Hope he makes a full recovery…
Too many trolls and retarded morons on here…Comments on all news reports should be permanently disabled.

Bob Down

Play near cliffs at your peril. Fences, lights,….nannie state, all at council tax payers cost, no thanks

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