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An elderly driver has had their licence revoked by the DVLA following a collision on Middle Road last week, which has left a cyclist with serious injuries.

The incident occurred between Calbourne and Newport at around 08:30 on Friday morning (29th May), as previously reported.

Island Echo understands that the cyclist, a male in his 40s, was knocked off his bike by an Audi A3 which was being driven by a woman in her 70s. The cyclist ended up 20 metres down an embankment and had to be rescued by firefighters.

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It has now emerged that the local cyclist has sustained a number of injuries including a broken leg, a broken arm and has damage to his ear.

The driver of the Audi has had her licence revoked with immediate effect after failing a roadside eyesight test carried out by Police at the scene.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has told Island Echo:

“We are investigating a collision which took place at around 8.30am on 29 May on the Middle Road.

“An Audi A3 and a cyclist collided.

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“The cyclist, a man in his 40s, suffered serious injuries and was taken to St Mary’s Hospital for treatment.

“As part of the investigation, we have liaised with the DVLA and the Audi driver, a woman in her 70s, has had her driving license revoked after failing a roadside eyesight test”.

The investigation continues.

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Why does that not surprise me,the way the elderly drive on the Island it would appear none of them have passed their eye test.


To be fair some of the younger drivers are bad too.

Dangerous Brian

None have passed their driving test more like…..

philip wheeler

Any body over 67 should not be on the road


In that case so should under 25s

Ryde Reader

What happens to people at age 67?!


Don’t class all ” elderly ” drivers as useless Ron , by the way that sounds like an old name .

Ed Down

More bad Audi’s on the Isle of Wight

stephen bushell

ron why do you make a sweeping statement like that , there are bad drivers of all ages, its actually younger drivers that are more dangerous ask any insurance broker ,you sound like some sort of ageist bigot you will be old one day


I disagree with you it’s mostly elderly that can’t look what there doing they lose consentration easy so it’s more elderly then young drivers

Charles Woodmore

Recently had to renew car insurance, the broker blamed the increase on young drivers driving too fast. Check the internet on facts and figures to get the information.


Sometimes family members should step up and say look mum/dad I don’t think you should be driving any longer after all they are the ones who see them deteriorating it might just save a life.


Was she on her way to Castle Barnard at the time of the incident?

Bill payer

Only one bill payer on here get youre own name!!!!!!!


Was she Cumming or going???

John doe

The man was testing his eye sight what’s wrong with that we all do it


Well you clearly haven’t tested yours
It was a woman

Red Squirrel

It was a female driving, think its time you went to specsavers1

Martin (Ryde)

Glad the police made a swift decision and Hopefully the injured man recovers promptly.


Maybe Dominic Cummings should have had his licence revoked then, after all he went for a drive to test his eye sight.


Perhaps they thought they had covid and were just doing a 60 mile trip to check their eyesight


Why does it always have to end in an accident 1st before they even do an eye test should this not be mandatory that over a certain age every few years every driver has to complete a eye / simple road test theory free of charge to see if there actually still competent to drive a motor vehicle. Saying that over the lock down period the island has turned into the tour de island with cyclists on roads not following road safety rules use the cycle tracks we have enough of them….


There are so few “real” Islanders these days to inbreed!


Some of the places folks choose to overtake cyclists and other road hazards is a sight to behold sometimes.

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