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Police have arrested a driver on suspicion of drink driving after they failed a roadside breathe test following a road traffic collision at Compton earlier this afternoon (Sunday).

As first reported by Island Echo, emergency services were called to Military Road between Compton and Freshwater at just before 15:50. Coastguards from Ventnor were the first on scene after discovering the wreckage whilst on patrol.

The crash involved a small hatchback – undistinguishable after suffering major damage – and a green Mercedes Sprinter.

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Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that 1 of the drivers involved in the incident has been detained after blowing 107. The legal limit is 35.

The individual has been taken to Newport Police Station for questioning.

Thankfully, no one has been seriously injured in the incident.

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If he was drunk at the wheel, maybe the police should be checking where he got his drink from, a bar that was open perhaps, serving “takeaway”

Will Storey

What does that have to do with anything. People are accountable for their own actions you idiot. Bar tenders aren’t the police. And it could just have easily have been from a supermarket. You utter weapon.

Chef annie

No one makes you drink, driver totally at fault for his over the limit actions

Dave Manning

So it’s illegal to sell takeaway beer now is it !!!

Ed Down

What difference does that make? Equally could of got it from the any super market or more likely his/her mates bbq. Drink driving is drink driving the source of alcohol is irrelevant.


Hi Mark, good evening, hope you’ve had a good day today. Supermarkets and Corner Shops exist

Enjoy the rest of your day, I hope your carer is keeping well, also



Hi Mark, good evening, hope you’ve had a good day today. Supermarkets and Corner Shops exist 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your evening. Hope your carer is keeping well, also 🙂

Welp! 🙂


Hahaha, you bloody plonker Mark! This irresponsible, lousy, disgusting, and mindless drink driver could of got their drink from any licensed retailer. Regardless of where they purchased their drink, they should never of got behind the wheel of a vehicle and should now never be allowed to drive again. They were lucky to of not killed somebody. I’m anti dickhead!

Martin W

As mentioned on here, there was a large gathering of yobs on the beach at Atherfield last night, with tents, and masses of beer. Clearly staying for the night and likely most of today. Most likely one of these still full from making the most of the event, but regretfully risking other peoples lives.


Or a supermarket dipstick


Two words Mark ‘personal responsibility’.

Red Squirrel

Are you for real with this comment you dipstick.

John M

Throw the book at him…until the sentences are toughened this will continue to happen at the rate that it does sadly

Black Rat

This wont be the first time hes driven whilst over the limit, thankfully nobody has been seriously injured by this moron 3 times over the limit, would be interesting what he blows on the intoximeter at newport whether he is still going up or coming down. 2 year ban minimum hopefully and a retest to to keep this idiot of the road


Sorry John but throwing books at people really wouldn’t be helpful, I’d rather he went to prison, violence (book throwing or other) doesn’t solve anything.


hang him


Agree John M. This case should be treated with the same gravity as if someone was killed as a result of the accident. Thankfully no-one was.

Old bean

True words spoken John m


Where had he been drinking?

Ed Down

BBQ probably. Why does it matter?


Supermarket, cheap and plentiful…..


Oh it’s Clare again! Pointless!!


Drinking isn’t banned you know. Ever had a drink at home? Or at a bbq? Irrelevant where he was he could have killed someone.


What a shame the drunk or drugged drivers often seem to walk away, whereas often the innocent victim does not. That is why courts should deal with them as if they ‘have’ already committed manslaughter.

Total vile rubbish, and rubbish should be kept off our streets for good.

Opinions Matter

Disgusting. There is no excuse to drive if you’ve had a drink. Irresponsible, could kill or seriously injure an innocent person/s. No worries if they damage themselves.


Thicky who thinks he can drink and drive!


What a pathetic comment from Mark , you can buy booze from a supermarket.

Tut tut.

Drunk driving is the most arrogant and stupid thing you can do. Shouldn’t even be legal to drive after one drink in my opinion.
You either drink. Or you drive. Not both.


My god I am so old iI can remember the days before breathalysers.


So is lock down over then?

Martin W

Large gathering at a BBQ on beach at Atherfield. Likely drinking all night and day.

Angela Snow

When are the police going to make the milatary road from selfish people on fast bikes and
in fast cars using this road as a race course we were nearly in a fatal accident last week with an idiot!!! overtinking us at great speed near a bend and a car coming the other way.. Come on iow police make this road safer with speed cameras or somethin!!!????


Well said Angela same happened to me this weekend. There are some brainless drivers and bikers that think they’re invincible on that road. I’m amazed there’s not more fatalities there.


I don5 want to pre-judge (although I probably am!) but if you are tested nearly three times over the legal limit it is not a slight misjudgement as to the amount of alcohol this person has taken it is a conscious act to get in the car and drive knowing he is most likely over the limit. Wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t his first drink drive rodeo and avoided arrest by previously not being stopped by the police or involved in an accident. Do something often enough and eventually you’ll get caught out.

Old Mike

This reads as if the Police failed the breath test. Please read the item before posting it!

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