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sjaSafety Suit1VIDEO: St John Ambulance is calling on parents all across the country to learn first aid, as new research shows that they would be more likely to let their children play outside if they felt confident in administering first aid.

As the summer holidays draw to a close, the nation’s leading first aid charity is encouraging parents to learn these vital life saving skills so they can have the peace of mind to let their kids play outside at home for the rest of the break.

New research from St John Ambulance shows that 78% of parents are more likely to let their children play outside when on holiday than at home with 67% of parents would be more likely to let their children play outside if they felt confident administering first aid.

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The charity has this summer launched a short spoof film, ‘Safety Suit’, sending up today’s ‘cotton wool culture’ in order to encourage parents to pick up potentially life saving skills online for peace of mind when children are playing outdoors. With 450,000 children attending accident and emergency departments in England every year, St John Ambulance is offering parents a solution that will allow children to have fun both on holiday and at home.

In St John Ambulance’s short film ‘Safety Suit’ a young boy’s well-meaning parents buy him a padded suit for his birthday that will allow him to play outdoors safely. But his parents’ dream of creating a safe world for him to play in soon turns into a struggle as he discovers that the bulky outfit makes even the simplest acts impossible.

Sue Killen, CEO at St John Ambulance, said:

“Safety Suit is a funny film with a serious message: you don’t need to wrap your children in cotton wool to protect them. Parents who learn first aid gain the peace of mind to let their children enjoy everything childhood has to offer, as well as the knowledge to look after them, whatever happens. Young people should be able to enjoy their summer holidays but should also be able to play outside when they’re back at home too – just taking a few minutes to learn some skills on our website will help make that a reality”.

St John Ambulance believes no child should suffer for a lack of first aid, and is calling on parents to visit www.sja.org.uk/safetysuit to learn how to help their child in an emergency. The website hosts free, simple, step by step first aid advice specifically for parents, and information on first aid courses taking place in their area.

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