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Hampshire Constabulary received a 999 call earlier this afternoon (Saturday) following concerns for a number of dogs that were left in a hot vehicle. 

A concerned member of the public made the call after spotting the animals left in a 4×4 at Blackgang Chine.

Police made their way to the car park where they located the vehicle in question.

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Thankfully, for all involved, the dogs were fine and were attended to before the vehicle had a chance to heat up in the summer heat.

A spokesperson for Isle of Wight Police is urging dog owners to not leave dogs in your car:

“It’s a regular call we get in the summer.

“The dogs were fine but cars heat up very quickly in sunny weather.

“Please avoid leaving your dogs in your car if at all possible.”

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Karn Evil 9

These people shouldn’t have pets, if they can’t even look after it on holiday, I expect they were holidaymakers. A bit like certain pubs I could mention that leave dogs locked in alone and barking all night long. Cruel and disgusting.


you should mention. it is cruel leaving them alone !!

Opinions Matter

Who the f**k leaves a dog in a car in the summer sun…… a right f***”ng dead head that’s who. People need to know it is an offence and anyone who comes across this situation is allowed/must dial 999 and the police WILL attend and break into the vehicle if the dog is in distress. DON’T LEAVE ANY ANIMAL IN A CAR, NOT EVEN WITH THE WINDOWS OPEN.


People are bloody idiots.


Stick the owners in a glass green house on a hot day see if they like it bloody idiots

Last edited 3 months ago by Egor

WHY? Would any decent human leave there dogs in a car on a hot day???

Time and time again we hear people doing this, WHY??

How would they feel if there body’s were covered in hair and locked in a car on a hot summer’s day??

I can’t put into words how i feel about this selfish low life make me feel, it’s no different from leaving a small child locked up in a car on a hot summer’s day.


These people are a waste of space and should not own animals … makes me see the too.


One word describes you! SICK! Very Sick…

Christopher Davis


Sarah day

A car left in the summer heat can heat up as much as an oven can whitch means that dogs left in a car will cook to death. Owners need to feel what that must be like. If you love you love your dog you wouldn’t want them to go through that much pain. STOP LEAVING DOGS IN CARS. The dog has feelings and are loyal to their owners why cant humans show the same loyalty toward their dogs. Stop treating animals as nothing. They are living creature


Re home the dogs to somebody who will care for them properly


How long would they have been in the park…at lest two hours by which time the dogs would have perished. The park is dog friendly so they could have taken them in with them !


DONT TAKE THE POOR THINGS OUT IN THE HEAT!!! Damn half Whits. Would you sit In a car with no air con on and windows shut in 28 degrees!?


Thankfully the dogs are OK, lets hope it’s taught the owners a lesson


Time to introduce on the spot fines.


The car should be impounded, thus giving the whole family the problem of then being without a car, to make them ALL think of what they have done to innocent pets, whilst they are gorging themselves with slushies and ice’s.
Then make them pay thousands to get it back.
A fifty pound fine is NOT enough to make other ‘think’, it is easier for the selfish, of which there are many to then just ‘risk it’.
They wouldn’t IF there car was towed away.


I’m beginning to think people should have to take a test before they are allowed to own a dog. A theory and practical test before they are allowed to take responsibility for their pet. Ignorance isn’t an excuse.

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