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Police have closed Blackwater Hollow on the outskirts of Newport this evening (Saturday) following a road traffic collision involving a cyclist.

A young female has sustained what is being described as a serious leg injury as a result of a collision with a Mazda.

The incident has occurred where the Newport-Sandown cycle path crossed the road.

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Emergency services were called at around 19:30.

The injured cyclist is being conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital.

UPDATE @ 20:10 – The road has now re-opened in both directions following initial on scene investigations.

No arrests have been made and the Mazda – with 2 adults and children on board – has been let on its way.

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A Cycle is not a horrible machine as you describe.They are cheap to run and very non polluting, They can only be dangerous if not maintained correctly or it is made dangerous by the way it is ridden. The same as a car in the wrong hands of a dangerous driver.you seem to be very anti cyclist so I quest your only a car driver.


It’s a accident for goodness sake the poor people involved are what matters not the political or righteous views of people just out to argue. Take it else where or become a politician and do something worth while. End of rant.


Most bicycles are powered by ignorance ! I hope the injured cyclist makes a full recovery. I see so many cyclist on the roads now whose attitudes towards other road users is nothing short of dangerous, the same can also be said about some drivers but it seems that the everyday cyclist thinks they’re invincible and everyone else around them should not be on the road when they are. I’m not anti cyclist, I’m anti dickhead!

Chad mullen

Bloody cyclists always get in the way


Motorist should be aware more at all times around Cyclist because its the Cyclist that gets all the injuries if hit.


Not true! What about the time I was hit by an ignorant cyclist cycling at night on the pavement in Winchester! Was my broken leg a fabrication? WELL?

Frank Peters

Why is it ALWAYS the motorist that has to be aware all of the time.
Agreed there are Some ‘idiot’ motorists on the roads, but I have lost count of the number of cyclists who disregard give-way marking at junctions.
I agree with Mmmmm, a lot of them think themselves invincible.
It is the responsibility of ALL road users to act and behave in a courteous and sensible manner.

Darren Street

Thoughts with all those involved in this accident; I hope the cyclist recovers soon but also thoughts with the motorist who must be traumatised by the incident. Staysafe Everyone

Ed Down

Do you write all your comments to the same template?

Thoughts with…….

Hope ……. is ok

Stay safe

Why don’t you stick to raising money / gifts to people that don’t need / care / deserve it instead of repeating the same thing ?


What sort of a comment is this? The majority of comments posted have all wished the injured party a full and speedy recovery and have also kept in mind the occupants of the mazda. What’s wrong with showing some sympathy?


Twice in a month i have had cyclists coming off the cycle track at Blackwater without looking, they make up their own highway code . they should also be insured to cover the damage they do to vehicles with their selfish riding.

Gordon Groves

I completely agree , a cyclist as a road user is obliged to follow the Highway Code in the same way as a motorist, from my experiences , it is clear to me that many cyclists donot care about the rules of the road and crossing points such the one at Blackwater are typical examples of them breaking the law , they often ride straight out of one side or other and cross the road without checking that it is safe to do so, when there is a collision the cyclist comes off worse but since they have no insurance… Read more »

Bob D

Been accident waiting to happen since council made it not possible to see traffic and stop with front wheel almost on road,why no proper crossing like at Arreton ?.

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