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dontcrossthelinerapeHampshire Constabulary have today (Monday) launched a new sexual assault and rape campaign called ‘Don’t Cross The Line’.

Men across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are being reminded that ‘anything less than a yes is a no’. Whether you are 16 and getting drunk at a friends party or 28 and heading into town for a few drinks, the message is simple, cross the line and its rape.

The campaign is designed to tackle issues around serious sexual offences by increasing interaction, promoting debate and providing access to information.

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It aims to raise awareness of the chain of events that can lead to rape, dispel common myths and provide information that will enable people to make the right decisions. Ultimately it is about keeping young people safe.

Detective Chief Inspector Tara Williams said:

“This campaign aims to raise the awareness of consent; a person doesn’t have to say “no” to show they don’t want to have sex.

“We are targeting young men as statistically they are more likely to commit an offence”.

Police are working with schools in the region to design a comprehensive support package for teachers and people that work with young people. This includes lesson plans, interactive activities, showing Hampshire and Isle of Wight Sexual Assault Referral Centre’s DVD ‘Rape: short word long sentence’ and other tailored materials for a range of age groups.

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Presentation will be delivered by Safer Neighbourhoods Teams and/or Safer Schools Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), with a member of Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to cover areas of law and practical issues around investigating serious sexual assault.

For more information go to www.dontcrosstheline.co.uk.

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