Photo: Freshwater Fire Station


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Photo: Freshwater Fire Station

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service received a call to reports of a chimney fire in Freshwater this evening (Monday). 

Having received the 999 call, one fire appliance from Freshwater Fire Station were called to the residential address on Church Place, opposite The Red Lion public house.

A stirrup pump and a hose reel were used to extinguish the fire and a Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) fan to rid the property of smoke.

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Fire safety advice was given to the residents by the retained fire crew.

Freshwater Fire Station wanted to thank The Red Lion for providing tea and coffee for the crew.

They have now stood down from the incident and have returned to their home station.

You can find information and advice on chimney fire safety on the Isle of Wight Council Website at…/Home-Fire-Safety-Advi…/In-the-Home2

Photo: Freshwater Fire Station

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Az-Zahara Aziz

Stirrup pump. Thought they were last used in the war, apart from old men spraying their Greenfly.

Surely by now we ought to be using CO2 after sealing off the ingress of air. Far less messy

Ben Dover

You really are a muppet!


Well said!


“we ought to be using CO2”

what? with all the issues over CO2 emissions these days & you want them to add more to the atmosphere ?
(or are you one of those who denies climate change is happening?)

Oh & water is both cheaper and quicker…

Old Mike

The CO2 would have been taken from the atmosphere, and then put back – so no gain or loss. And no mess!

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