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A car has crashed head-on into a traffic island between Fishbourne and Wootton this afternoon (Monday).

The Kia Rio has smashed into the street furniture at Kite Hill, on the main road between Ryde and Newport.

Police and paramedics are in attendance, but thankfully the male driver has not sustained any serious injuries. He is to make his own way home.

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Island Echo is told that the driver was swatting a spider away when, in a panic, he lost control of the vehicle.

Traffic is heavy in the area as Stag Lane Motors work to recover the vehicle.

UPDATE – The vehicle has been recovered and the clear has cleared.

Island Roads have been made aware of the damage to the traffic island.

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The Truth

Thankfully nobody was standing on the island while he was swating flies.

Last edited 2 months ago by The Truth
Jammy dodger.

it’s not a crossing .So wouldn’t be any one stood there.

Last edited 2 months ago by Jammy dodger.
Miss daisy

Spiders not flies read the article

Lee Day

we did read the article and it originally said fly and after comments were added it was changed to spider….

Bing Bong

Garbage tier car, good that its down the scrap yard :^)

Sarah Cupcake

Take his license away.

Jammy dodger.

Why ?


Driving without due care and attention would be a good start.


Last week spilling a drink, this week swatting flies. At least it is taking the pressure off Island Roads!!


Street furniture that’s a posh name for a road sign. Bet you it was an old bloke driving they are the only generation that would drive a crappy old Kia

Opinions Matter

Oh ‘eck! Thank goodness nobody was on or near that traffic island. The poor sign is no longer good for anything.

Black Rat

Neither is his vehicle. Notice no comments yet regarding the cause was mainlanders driving, probably as it was one of the many island drivers that once again was the cause, hope the insect escaped unscathed.

Lee Day

whats happened to the fly he was swatting? is the fly ok? 🙂

Jammy dodger.

Did you actually read the article?


It turned into a spider

Lee Day

Yes I did, and when I commented it said FLY and was later changed to SPIDER.


He shouldn’t have taken his eyes off the road, imagine what could of happened if he did the same thing in a busy town…


Is he an absolute imbecile for goodness sake. Thank god no one was standing there. How thick is he.


And you Suzie… You’ve never been surprised and done something silly. Oh no. You’re a perfect little witch aren’t you?

Jammy dodger.

What a bunch of self righteous tossers you all are .all so perfect none of you have ever made a mistake .


I did once but i was jammy and dodged it.


Tell that to all those family’s that loose their loved ones because idiots have killed there inocent loved ones, your attitude is a complete disgrace.

You call people self righteous! Yet you have nothing to say about all the deaths on our roads every year, you stink!!!.


I’ve never crash directly into a traffic island due to taking my eyes of the road to swat a spider. Judging by your comment, I’m guessing you will soon though.


Yes. But I did not blame a spider.

Old bean

Was it McDonald’s or kfc in car ??????

Lord lucan

Lease they had the sense to crash bang in the middle so traffic can still flow, still need to be done for careless driving tho.

Bob Frapples

Anyone know which one of the deadly spiders it was we have on the island


Obviously an Isle of Wight Funnel Web, best thing to swat them with is a phone.

Horse face

Is the spider ok? Or was that just an excuse for ogling a women, or man, and don’t want worse should the wife find out?


That comment says far more about you than it does anything or anyone else.


Was he really swatting a spider? He has hit the traffic island perfectly head as opposed to swerving into it which suggests he was driving down the centre of the road for a reasonable distance. Surely when your car starts to move off straight you correct it within a second, irrelevant to distractions. Suspect he was driving too fast.


Samsung spider no doubt!


How is the spider because their lives matter!


Funny how some people are so eager to pass judgement and be funny that they read ‘spider’ and see ‘fly’. What a bunch of morons.

Lee Day

Originally said fly and after comments were added Island Echo changed it to spider, just goes to show how eager you are to pass judgement without knowing all the facts.

Lee Day

Originally said fly and after comments were added it was changed to spider, just goes to show how eager you are to pass judgement without knowing all the facts.


The article originally said fly, then was changed, you utter spoon.

Horse face

Mayhaps the spider ate the fly. THINK

r bet

I hope the spiders ok

Old Mike

Just a bit of a scratch Guv. That’ll soon buff out!


How big was that spider


More like searching the web on his phone


More like on the phone

Me me



It was one of those Red Funnel Webs – no Bollards!


lol spider/fly. They believed that? Obviously on his phone

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