83d498a4-d3f9-41bc-a9fb-cb13db4d223eArmed Police have moved in on a residential property in Binstead this morning (Monday), where a woman has sustained injuries.

Newnham Road has been cordoned off as Police and Paramedics respond to the ongoing situation, which began at around 11:15.

Island Echo understands a female is bleeding profusely and has been taken to the safety of a neighbouring property. Witnesses say that Armed Police called for a male to open the front door and to drop a weapon.

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Emergency teams have taken up position at the Binstead Hill end of the normally quiet residential road, with a cordon between Binstead Hill roundabout and Kings Road.

UPDATE @ 12:15 – Armed Police have now withdrawn from the property and paramedics have moved in to treat an injured male. They are also treating a female.


The Isle of Wight Ambulance Service has 2 ambulance crews at the scene, alongside an Enhanced Care paramedic and an Operational Commander.

UPDATE @ 13:20 – 2 casualties – a man and a woman – have now been conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital by land ambulance, with 1 of the ambulances under Police escort.

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The Thames Valley Air Ambulance was scrambled to the incident but stood down whilst overhead. It has since returned to the mainland.

UPDATE @ 13:30 – Police have confirmed that 1 male has been arrested and taken to hospital following reports of a serious assault at an address.


Hampshire Constabulary says a woman has suffered head injuries and has also been taken to hospital. Her injuries are not deemed to be life-threatening.

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It’s said the 2 parties involved are known to one another – believed to be husband and wife – and there is no wider risk to the public.

Officers remain on scene at this time and are conducting enquiries.

UPDATE @ 14:43 – It has been confirmed to Island Echo that the male has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Read more at https://www.islandecho.co.uk/attempted-murder-arrest-as-woman-suffers-serious-head-injuries-in-binstead-assault/.

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Anthony Parsons
Anthony Parsons
7 days ago

The media reports the bad news because that’s what some prefer to read.

Meanwhile, there is no report of how the other approx. 139,000 Islanders managed not to threaten each other or inflict injury. They – we – just got on quietly with our lives despite inflation, covid, NHS waiting lists and so on. Go down to any of our lovely beaches and see people of all ages enjoying each other’s company happily and peacefully.

That’s what’s happening on this island. Acknowledge that and cheer up, like the rest of us.

What a Swiz
What a Swiz
Reply to  Anthony Parsons
7 days ago

Some prefer to bury their heads so far in the sand, that their eyeballs can be used as egg timers.

The good things we don’t need to concern ourselves with, most normal people like to be made aware of a threat, a danger, or a change in living standards so we can protest, add security, inform our children, and check out the type arriving here so as to gauge the level and likely type of crime so we can do all we can to protect ourselves.

It is not just coincidental that inner cities have far more stabbings, and it isn’t the amount of houses or the shops which stab, mug and rape but the type of people that choose to live there

7 days ago

Well not sure attempted murder will stick they will drop it to GBH seems no malicious act was committed sounds like he acted spare of the moment

Seems strange he’s been injured as well

She more than likely try to drop the charges but he will still be charge

Up to Cps to have the final say

Not sure why a DC was knocking on doors in the street asking residents if there is any know drug issues in the street procceedures proberly


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