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Fears that a person was in possession of a firearm resulted in Armed Police from both sides of the Solent being mobilised to Ryde earlier this afternoon (Wednesday).

At just after 14:00, Police received reports that a person was in possession of a firearm in Ryde after a photo was sent to a 17-year-old girl.

2 Armed Response Officers were rushed across the Solent by Police launch, landing at Ryde Pier shortly before 15:00 – much to the surprise of families enjoying a spot of fishing.

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A number of local Police units, including Island-based Armed Officers, responded to the car park of Ryde Golf Club on Binstead Road, although it is unclear if this was the centre of the alert or just a rendezvous point.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has told Island Echo:

“We were called just after 2pm today (May 20) to a report of a possession of a firearm in Ryde.

“Following further enquiries, this is being investigated as a report of malicious communications, after an image of a firearm was sent to a 17-year-old girl”.

The mainland-based Armed Response Officers swiftly stood down from the incident and returned to Portsmouth.

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Linda Adams

And people say it’s a nice place to live don’t think so it’s the worst place I ever lived



Just me

Come on don’t be so melodramatic this is a daily occurrence in most other parts of the UK I’d rather the police were safe than sorry


It’s gone downhill! It’s still nice, there are not so nice areas in every seaside town.


I agree 10/10

Fed up

There is plenty of room on the mainland, go there.

Ex islander

I agree. Drugs and thugs. Police isn’t professional too. Especially Newport based female officers…!!!


Go live somewhere else…..


You could’nt make it up….

Nigel shore

Shame they didn’t rush to find the sod who stole my car……..


Your bottom of the pile mate




So was a gun found or what?!?


No. They just made a show

Egor the rotten

Really what the f is going on with this island….since the out break every liveing scum bag has crawled out the wood work

Just Sayin’

So he wasn’t just pleased to see the girl, he really did have a gun in his pocket.


Great. So now everybody knows how to waste masses of police resources is to send a photo of a gun to someone.


What a nonsense, good exercise though

Oot Ragus

When I was t’nipper me and friend was often running round Botanic gardens shootin off our cap guns playing soldiers. Yee gods how times have changed . Shouldn’t half wonder if we was doin that these days we’d have half an SAS regiment bearing down on us.


first course of action would have been to send a officer to actually eyeball the girl and the phone, not to have a feminist controller listening to a hysterical girl over the phone and make decision from that..miss manage men t

Suspect but never interwieved

I think it is a standard on iow with police. Absolute disgrace for Police forces!!!

Candy Pink

What a load of fuss. Stupid hysterical bitch. Can’t believe all the resources wasted on this. They should just prosecute all the idiots involved in such time wasting. Fed up with reading about crap like this, This Island is such an embarrassment at times.


What a load of bollochs, waste of resources, surely cop should have gone and spoke to person, imagine sending loads out to random addresses, we would have flying squad and so 17 over here,

Peter A

Big event on the Island, everyday, well not quite everyday, event in places like Boscombe. Good practice though.

Zack Zuck

Bet he wished he had used NordVPN



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