A fresh bid to build more houses at Noke Common has been launched.

An appeal has been made to the Planning Inspectorate by Mr A. Button for houses on the site of the former Noke Common Dairy.

Permission was previously granted for 6 houses on the site while demolishing outbuildings and storage units, which is still Mr Button’s ‘fallback’ position according to planning documents. But, to maximise the opportunity on the brownfield site, plans were submitted to add 3 more houses to make a total of 9 in a courtyard arrangement.

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The Isle of Wight Council’s planning authority refused the proposals in May 2020, which led to a revised scheme being submitted in June.

To address planners’ concerns, the layout was shifted so the houses on the eastern side of the development would be in line.

In September, the council refused the application for a second time, saying the 3 extra houses would make the scheme visually intrusive, impacting on the character and appearance of the area.

Now, both rejections have now been appealed to the Planning Inspectorate, with documents saying the council’s planning officer could not fully assess the context of the homes as they needed to enter the site to check measurements instead of judging the proposals from public land.

In a planning statement submitted as part of the appeal, by the agent for the development, Andrew White Planning Consultancy, said Mr Button believed the second application overcame the problems in the first one and did not accept the site would be cramped or overdeveloped.

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The statement also said Mr Button believed the additional 3 units would not result in any ‘significant and demonstrable adverse impacts’ to the character and appearance of the area that would warrant a refusal.

It was noted the council had no objection to the size, scale and mix of the proposed dwellings or the principle of residential development on the site.

As part of a bigger scheme, the site fell into an area that had been bookmarked for 180 houses in the council’s draft Island Planning Strategy in 2018.

The Planning Inspectorate will rule on the appeal.

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isle of wighter
isle of wighter
1 month ago

yet another attempt by another selfish, money grabbing environment wrecker to build more stupid houses, which are not needed, as there isn’t the supporting infrastructure (schools, dentists etc) and a complete disregard for the creatures, birds and insects that live on this land, not to mention the fact that more CO2 will be in the atmosphere, as less greenland, means less oxygen in the air.

When are these people going to understand – no more house building on the island, no more second home ownership, no more taxpayer funded moves by those on benefits, no more immigration to the island.

The council declared a climate emergency – really!

Walter Sobchak
Walter Sobchak
1 month ago

It’s Andrew White again! Our very own island Planning expert. He must be having a (brown and a green) field day at the moment. Get in there! Help the opportunists build build build build build…

1 month ago

They don’t care! it is money driven, they wont listen to the community.
They never build on the West of the Island where there is plenty of room and would not impact on the traffic.
Fully agree with the first comment and there are NO JOBS, NOT ENOUGH HOSPITAL BEDS, DOCTORS, DENTIST, POLICE AND SCHOOLS to support any need for more houses.
I have said it before, clean up the dilapidated areas and redevelop the eye sores.
Use the above empty shops in the towns.
You could fit Newport town in one street now, redevelop that area, god knows it needs it like all the other towns on the island.

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