Alicante is the most popular holiday destination among foreigners. Besides, it also has one of the largest airports in the country, Aeropuerto de Alicante, with passenger traffic of about 13 million people a year.

Also, foreigners prefer not only to spend a vacation but also to buy real estate in Costa Blanca’s unofficial capital. Last year, more than 51% of the purchases were made by tourists. The expert CEO at Virto Property, Sergey Sinyugin, has prepared detailed information regarding Alicante apartments for sale.


Casco Historico. Cost: from €150,000 (for 80 m2)

It is the historical and architectural part of the city. Tourists love Casco Historico for its medieval Moorish courtyards, St. Mary’s Church, St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Castle of Santa Barbara, and other tourist attractions. According to the expert Sergey Sinyugin, CEO Virto Property, this district is highly recommended for investors who want to earn € 100- € 150 per day.

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Centro Tradicional. Cost: €250,000 – 300,000 (New Buildings), € 120,000 (Three-room Apartment Built in the 70s)

It is a diverse area of new builds and resale properties. The place opens onto a yacht marina. The Centro Tradicional is an area of bars, restaurants, clubs with dance floors, and even a casino.

Ensanche-Diputación. Cost: €70,000 – 100,000 (Studios in 25-storey Estudiotel)

The business part of the city with large shopping centres. Representative offices of famous brands operate between the two shopping centres along the avenue. In this subdistrict, real estate is represented by “secondary housing” aged 20 to 50 years.

Pla del Bon Repos-La Goleta-San Anton

Pla del Bon Repos. Cost: €65,000 (Three-room Apartment)

Pla del Bon Repos is considered as one of Alicante’s best areas for permanent residence and optimal in terms of value for money. The inhabitants of this zone are located near both the sea and the centre.

Raval Roig. Cost: from €150,000 (the First Line with a Sea View), from €110,000 (the Second Line)

It is located at the foot of the castle hill and very close to the beach.

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Carolinas Altas. Cost: €55,000 (Apartment on the Fifth Floor, 70 m²)

It is a residential area inhabited by Spanish families with several schools and supermarkets. The place is convenient for students. Therefore, the cost of housing is slightly higher here.

Altozano. Cost: from €100,000 (Apartments in Closed Areas with Swimming Pools), €50,000 – 70,000 (Lower Class Houses)

An elite area with newer and more expensive properties. In Altosano, there are closed residential residences with swimming pools.


Virgen del Remedio. Cost: from €30,000

A more or less acceptable subarea among others in Juan XXII. There are several houses with enclosed courtyards and swimming pools. Since administratively this “island” belongs to the Gypsy zone, prices for apartments here are comparatively low.

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Los Ángeles-Tómbola-San Nicolás

Los Angeles-Tombola-San Nicolas. Cost: from €40,000 (Standard Apartments)

It is home to a mixed contingent: immigrants from Africa, Spaniards, and the Middle East, residents of the CIS. Here is the city’s second most important market in the south, Mercadillo Teulada.

San Blas-Pau

San Blas. Cost: from €100,000 (Apartments in a Building with an Elevator and a Decent Renovation)

The San Blas area is adjacent to the Centro and has a correspondingly high price tag.

Pau. Cost: from €100,000 (Apartments in a Building with an Elevator and a Decent Renovation)

The quarter is not yet so densely built up. As for the infrastructure, there is a park and several green areas. Many new properties are expected to appear in Pau soon.

Benalua- La Florida-Babel-San Gabriel

Benalua/ Princesa Mercedes/ La Florida/ San Gabriel. Cost: from € 60,000

For those who like to live near the centrу of the city, Benalua is ideal. This is a calm Spanish area with a good infrastructure. The Princesa Mercedes and La Florida districts are similar. San Gabriel is located closer to the outskirts of the city and has access to the sea.

Parque Avenidas-Vistahermosa

Garbinet/ Parque de las Avenidas. Cost: €150,000 (Three-Room Apartment with Garage Space)

This is an elite part of the city. Collegi Públic Azorín is considered a “strong” school, so many families with children tend to settle here.

Nou Alacant. Cost: €35,000 – 40,000

An exception is the Nou Alacant, sub-area in the western part. The houses there are almost entirely inhabited by gipsies.

Vistahermosa. Cost: €300,000 (Chalets and Small Villas, about 150 m²)

In particular, there are no multi-storey buildings, only detached private houses and townhouses. There are not a lot of infrastructures here, and the centre is already quite far away.

Playa de San Juan-El Cabo

Playa de San Juan-El Cabo. Cost: from €150,000 (New Studios), €220,000 (Three-room Apartments)

Although the Playa de San Juan-El Cabo area is located farthest from the centre, it attracts tourists and immigrants. The main reason is the beach, about 70m wide and several kilometres long.

Cabo de las Huertas. Cost: €200,000 (Two-Storey Townhouses, 90 – 120 m2)

The Cabo de las Huertas area is located on a peninsula. The subdistrict is built up mostly with two-storey townhouses.


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