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The allocation of the 156 new police officers who will join Hampshire Constabulary as part of the government’s announced uplift programme has been confirmed.

As of 26th June this year, Hampshire had completed the last of its recruitment activity for the first year of this programme, with 3,000 applications being received.

The Force say they are determined that the Constabulary truly reflects the communities they serve, and throughout the application process they have been seeking quality candidates as well as greater diversity.

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It has been confirmed 9 of the 156 new officers will be on the Isle of Wight. This allocation is based on thorough analysis of crime figures and the demand in each districts.

Hampshire Constabulary operate a ‘borderless’ policy, which ensures officers can be deployed away from their assigned location if it is deemed operationally necessary.

43 of the new officers will be deployed across local crime investigation departments, the contact management team and specialist criminal investigation teams such as the Child Abuse Investigation Team.

Assistant Chief Constable Maggie Blyth said:

“We are constantly striving to serve and support all in our communities the best we can each day.

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“Part of this is ensuring that, as a force, we truly reflect those we are serving.

“It is very pleasing to see that within the 3,000 applications received there 13 per cent who are from diverse backgrounds.

“I am also very happy that we have been able to push forward with our recruitment programme throughout the pandemic, and that we are now able to announce how we will be deploying the 156 officers who will be hired through the government uplift.

“It has been great to see many high quality candidates applying to join the force.

“Our aim is to become an employer of choice, focused on attraction, retention and progression, bringing the best and talented individuals into the Constabulary, ensuring they can all reach their true potential.”

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Mr John Rosenthal

9 new officers for the IOW, better than none at all but could have done with a few more. You have 3 x 8hr shifts and rest days to take into account which means at most 2 more extra officers on duty each shift. Hardly going to replace all those we have lost over the last 10 years or so.

Opinions Matter

Well 9 are better than 0 I suppose. We desperately need police presence and this goes a little way to achieving this.


with all the new estates been planned we need a lot more than 9

Fatty belcher

Police should be forced to live in such social housing estates, THEN they will see what it is like for others having to live amongst drug dealers, vile anti social rubbish and trash driving like they ( if only) had seconds to live, when in reality, they have more time than all others with no work.   The Police would not then just ‘give a crime ref no.’ when your car is trashed or you property stolen or ruined, as they too would ‘feel’ the effects of life with modern day, sponging breeding parasites.   Police need to be armed… Read more »


Years ago our local copper lived on our street, he was always around and easily contacted.

Ian Forman

Well said

Opinions Matter

To FB, Don’t blame the police, their numbers have been drastically cut by 20,000 officers. If you want to blame someone, blame Theresa May the UK’s ex Primeminister, she was to blame for the mass reduction in numbers. The police just don’t have the resources like they used to. And when they have to use their precious resources to deal with drunks and the usual lowlife troublemakers, as you stated, they cannot send an officer to a victim of a house burglary or a car theft or vandalism, which I agree with you is very wrong but until the numbers… Read more »

Opinions Matter

I agree re your point regarding military run camps/rehabilitation centres. Prison is just too soft a sentence for them. They need to be taught discipline, respect, a trade, some of them are probably unable to read or write. These drop-outs need to be put on the right path so when they do get released, they can be regarded as a decent human being who can live in a civilized society without being a complete pain in the arse. But as this will never happen and they will continue to make a mockery out of this country’s so called justice system,… Read more »


So you think that some police officers do not live on the breadline or live in socially deprived areas next to or opposite people that they have had to lock up? More often than not they’re very late off shift and miss many family events or other public holidays because they’re run ragged trying to keep up with the serious incidents that most people never get to hear about. As for time off, by the time they’ve recovered from busy night shifts and have their rest days reduced because of training or filling the staff-shortages elsewhere, they only get a… Read more »

Opinions Matter

Agree Joe

Fed up with scum .

Good .come and sort out the drug dealer next door to me . Low life scum benefit scroungin bastards.

Last edited 8 days ago by Fed up with scum .

Why should we sort him out what’s wrong with you he’s your neighbour.

Karn Evil 9

Wow a whole 9 new PC’s that’s not going to change much is it.


yes it will – the number of people having their doors kicked in for daring to post on twitter will go up, someone using the wrong pronoun will face an armed response squad and the police will have these new coppers won’t be on the beat either.


How many did we loose in Austerity?

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