The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, where you prepare yourself your daily cup of tea, you sit down to eat with your family and make cakes for your children.

For a room people often disregard when decorating, the kitchen is a room where many of your fondest memories will be made, so why not have those memories in a nicely decorated room? There are many ways to enhance your kitchen’s personality. If you’re looking for something that can be easily placed, then the kitchen wall stickers from Aspect Wall Art are perfect for you. They are designed using stunning, beautiful, and unique artwork that cater for all tastes.

Today we’ll be going through a few ways you can easily redecorate your kitchen, without having to put in too much effort or hire someone to help you out, so, let’s begin.

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  • New kitchen Blinds

People don’t usually consider blinds (Or curtains for that matter) for their kitchen, usually the kitchen is at the side or back of a house, so lots of people simply leave their windows undressed, due to the lack of privacy concerns.

But having bare windows isn’t really visually appealing, it’s easy to leave them bare, but does it look nice? You can order made to measure kitchen blinds online from DotcomBlinds. They have an amazing line of kitchen friendly blinds, so you don’t have to worry about moisture in the air or the possibility of staining them.

Even better, all you have to di, is get a tape measure, get the sizings for your window and they’ll do the rest for you and ship a perfect blind to your home, where you just need to fit it!

  • Hide Small Appliances

One thing that ruins the look of kitchen is small appliances, if you simply have the essentials (Toaster, Kettle and Microwave) you should be alright, it only becomes a problem when your kitchen is littered with small appliances. This problem worsens the smaller your kitchen is as well!

So, if you have a litany of appliances such as: George Forman Grill, Panini Press, Blender, Smoothie Maker, etc. Your kitchen can be quickly cluttered and overrun with small electronics. Check out a handy guide on how to choose the best blender for your kitchen.

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This may not seem like a massive change, but not having cluttered countertops will make your kitchen look much more spacious, easier to clean and just make the room look nicer in general.

  • Fruit And Flowers

This may initially seem like a bit of a weird pointer, but fruit and flowers are a great way to inject some colour into your kitchen without you having to break out a tin of Dulux and paint anything. If you some free surface area (whether on your counter top, breakfast island or kitchen table) a bowl of fruit will add some pizazz to your kitchen and as an added bonus help you eat more healthy snacks, with the fruit readily available.

Again, much like fruit, flowers can bring in some colour to your kitchen to liven it up, whether you have a potted house plant or just a vase of flowers somewhere it will brighten the room up and make it look even more delightful.

With the fruit and veg, you’ll be replacing them on a semi regular basis, so it gives you a chance to constantly adding different colours to your kitchen.

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