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A 16-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of attempted theft from a vehicle following a search in Binstead during the early hours of this morning (Tuesday).

Shortly after 04:00, Police received several reports of vehicles having their windows smashed in Jellicoe Road.

Officers responded to the scene and called on the support of the National Police Air Service helicopter from Bournemouth.

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Following an aerial search, officers on the ground moved in to arrest a 16-year-old boy from Ryde on suspicion of attempted theft from a vehicle.

He remains in custody at this time and enquiries are ongoing.

Island Echo is told that at least 3 or 4 vehicles have been damaged overnight.

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Anthony Travell

Cut the little shits hands off


I wonder what dragged him up?.

Kostas Quiteabit

At what age do you stop blaming the parents and expect an individual to take responsibility for there own poor decision making?


At the tender age of sixteen, the parents must have something to do with his attitude and life’s choices..


You’re clearly of the older generation, you have no idea how much social media influences the younger generation stop blaming everything on the parents a 16 year old has their own ideas and make their own choices.


I disagree, if the individual has had a poor upbringing then of course his/her behaviour will reflect this, children follow by example


16 year old out at 4am smashing car windows and stealing sounds like a nice kid


Pleased you posted this. I was beginning to think I had dreamt about the helicopter over the house.

Tim C

He should be forced to face the victims to see the impact and fallout from his actions.

then forced to work in a repair shop to see how long and painstaking the work is to repair something that took him seconds to destroy.

Then forced to work community service to earn the money to pay for the damage caused, the price of helicopter call out and the police wages.

Then charged and criminal proceedings on top.

Only seems fair to me. There seems to be little consequence now days for these kids, no deterrent.

Martin Shoebridge


thomas bradley

Totally agree.


Stocks and Pillary, deterant? Worth a try?

Throw the book at him

Another irresponsible and antisocial lad. The parents have to bear some responsibility. Parents set a child’s moral compass but he is now old enough to make choices too. Punish him severely enough to make him rethink his life before its too late. Otherwise he is on a downward spiral People who buy the stolen items also need catching too as they fuel theft. I wouldn’t be surprised if drugs aren’t involved too Very sad to see a 16 year old causing mayhem for the owners of these cars. He has no concept of the misery his actions have caused ,… Read more »

Wake Up And Smell The Chlorine

Which book are you going to throw ? False authority make it up as they go along so their crimes are made legal and the masses float around in ignorance..


Good that the Police are responding to crimes like this, may it continue. High time the Government started getting tough with these morons, Stocks and Pillory an excellent idea.


Some really good comments on this …especially Tim C….Trouble is we can read all local mainland websites like this and national papers and see the same sentences sent out to criminals and we good people are in despair that the courts are unable to deliver sentences that will put fear into criminals to stop them ….I think there needs a huge change in our sentences procedure otherwise…these and other crimes we see in larger cities will become the norm on the island


Blaming the parents is a cop out. If you’re a shitty person then you’re a shitty person. I’ve known people with the most horrific upbringings and yet they are amazing, honest people. Kids are a lot less innocent these days, they could have the most upstanding parents in the world and still turn out to be little twats.

Mark Jennings

Usual night out in Ryde, why is this news?


The kid will get let off with a caution because he still on minor and what a waste of money to bring out a helicopter


Agree, helicopter a completely unnecessary expense, much better uses for the cost involved

Opinions Matter

Yet again another kid, well teenager who has had no or very little parental guidance. Wonder what the parent or parents are like? They are responsible for bringing him into this world but obviously have not been too bothered to take the time to teach right from wrong or to respect other people’s property. Needs to be taught and corrected or this chap will move on to bigger more serious crimes. He probably wanted money for drugs, seems to be the norm these days! But this must not be allowed to be ‘normal’


You only have to look yourself at the IOW echo weekly court cases to see the punitive sentences passed out to local offences on the island to see there is no deterrent to offend again ☹️


Now this it not the first time something like this has happened. But I think that there needs to be more help and or support for these type of people. It not always fair to put all the blame on the parents.

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