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A new confirmed case of coronavirus has been identified on the Isle of Wight as nationally numbers soar to over 8,000, it has been announced tonight (Tuesday).

It has been 7 days since the last confirmed case was revealed. The total number now sits at 3 but is thought that 1 person has been transferred off the Island, reducing the number of cases locally from 4 to 3 for ‘administrative’ reasons.

Patients are currently being treated in an isolation ward at St Mary’s with the NHS using the as-was stroke unit for such purposes.

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As of 09:00 on 24th March 2020, 8,077 people have been confirmed as having coronavirus. 422 patients have died nationally to date. No deaths have taken place on the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight is currently one of the only areas in the country to have such a low confirmed cases count, sitting alongside Hartlepool, Darlington, North East Lincolnshire and Bracknell Forest. Blackburn with Darwen has 2 cases and Kingston upon Hull has just 1.

Although the number of confirmed cases is low, it doesn’t mean that there are not other cases within the community with individuals self-isolating and recovery at home without being tested.

The Island has been hit hard by event cancellations and postponements over the past week including Walk the Wight, IoW Randonnee and Sandown Sprint. Local supermarkets are feeling the impact and schools are now closed for the majority of students.

It was announced on Friday that all restaurants, pubs, gyms and similar establishments must close until further notice and yesterday the country entered a form of lockdown – all unprecedented moves not seen since World War II.

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For the latest information on coronavirus here on the Isle of Wight visit

Symptoms of coronavirus

The symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • a high temperature
  • a cough
  • shortness of breath

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu. Research shows it takes, on average, around 5 days for symptoms to start showing.

If you are worried that you might have coronavirus

  • Stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people, especially older or vulnerable people
  • Call NHS 111 or use the online service – you will be asked questions and given advice
  • You should not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or St Mary’s Hospital without checking with NHS 111

How to avoid catching or spreading coronavirus

  • wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards
  • try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell
  • do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean


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What the hell are people still doing out on the streets ?? Are people not taking this shit seriously?!!! People’s lives are at stake! Another case confirmed!

Reika Kitami

Do YOU know anyone who knows anyone who has “coronavirus”???
Answers on a postcard, preferably one sprayed with dettol before posting…


I do now


I’m being forced to work, making cabinets that are not essential, I seem to be the only employee trying to prove we shouldn’t be there out of 5 people, please help me!

John smith

Why can’t the island be on total shut down, no ferry’s other than food or emergency service everyone isolate for 14 days

Westley Crutcher

I.think 90%of us agree with that statement. Sooner rather that later.

Richard Kenward

I agree limit the ferries to essential people and food supplies. Let’s use the advantage of living on a small island to keep us safe.

Sarah Jane Smith

Because many islanders are key workers on the mainland as theres not enough jobs on the island.


Because I’m waiting for my new bed and amazon deliveries john!

Marina Hayward

I quite agree John Smith, people are not taking any notice of any advice given, so a complete IOW is the best thing for EVERYBODY!


Pethaps test more people, never felt so ill


Aww hope your soon better


Absolutely Right. The only reported cases are those that have been tested. The Island is mislead into thinking there are very few cases, when there are most likely many more who have it.

Russell Hayward

This is also try nationally as well, 90,000 out of 66 million have been tested, so the true figures are most likely much higher

Tony Jurd

Very sad news, we must stick to the guidelines, 2mtr rule, stay at home wherever possible, wash hands and try to stay dafe


I work in a supermarket impossible for the 2 mtr rule

Reika Kitami

phone in sick??


Yet despite this 30% increase in infection, the IW Festival has still not been cancelled.

Was this case the prisoner who was thought to have caught such?


The festival is a huge money spinner, he keeps going through the motions of organising it then when he is made to cancel it, the government gives him compensation….it’s not rocket science mate!

Marcus Revell

If all schools stay closed for 12 weeks as it has been rumoured, then surley all those people with kids that have tickets won’t be able to attend? I think most of the money from ticket sales has been spent on equipment and artists, but still he should cancel it,or be made to cancel it


They are deluded if they think it will go ahead


How about we keep it that way by denying all travel that isn’t essential or to deliver supplies via the Solent. Or would the Council rather wait until the s**t hits the fan before wishing they’d done it sooner?

No one important

Guernsey has suspended ferries until the 2nd April apart from freight and medical supplies!!! iOW get with the program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My daughter lives in Guernsey and today they have been told to work from home. So she has had to take a load of work home with her plus another laptop.


Isle of Man and Scottish Islands all done the same.


I wish they would cancel the ferry. I am annoyed that so many people with 2nd homes here came pouring in at the weekend mostly from London, bringing their germs with them. They have no respect for anything and think its ok. Our nhs would not cope with a huge outbreak and us islanders will die because of their selfishness


Surely the first 2have recovered by now??


Now start following the guidelines, this is not a rehearsal, it could be you next, if you value your life or anyone else’s stay indoors.
If you are under 60 it can still be serious, even those a lot younger are getting very ill, very ill, even medics.

Respect is essential. follow the rules, they are for everyone, not for somebody else, Everyone.

I sincerely hope the latest person makes a full recovery.


Your words are very wise…and very compassionate. It goes against the grain for some die-hards to “follow the rules” but right now the rules are all we have to keep us as safe as possible until a vaccination exists or this dreadful nightmare burns itself out.
If stubborn folk insist on mocking or ignoring the guidance given then “die hard” may be exactly what they will experience on viewing a lot of devastating news reports,not just to those who are bull-headed but to all around them who matter…..and others.
A bit late then to regret the bravado.


Unfortunately we can’t all stay at home. I still have to go to work! Is aircraft manufacture essential work? I don’t think so as most aircraft are grounded but corporate greed says i have to go!

Reika Kitami

Literal psyop by the NWO/Illuminati pretending the flu is an invisible killer that’ll wipe out the planet all for the sake of destroying the economy, creating a single govt/single currency “future”


well it certainly IS a coincidence that as Brexit ruined the hope of achieving a fully united state of Europe that this has taken off.

Yet likely just coincidence.

Jonny w

Reika… I agree the nwo is real shit alot of folk said is was bull but if you look back to the disasters happened around the world they more than often than not link to our world leaders.. This is an organised world pandemic to depopulate the not so powerful people… Look at videos by anonymous if u ain’t already and it shows you that it was first kinda recored back wen jfk became president and he wanted answers aka agenda 21 it’s real and its even more so now.. Nostradamus was some one nobody took faith in but his… Read more »

jack daniels

Finally..someone is Awake!

John berry

Can anyone tell me what plans The Isle of Wight council have for treating cases when the hospital on the Island is full and people are dying in big numbers?

No Brainer

I cannot believe that the Isle of Wight Festival has not been cancelled. Tickets are still on sale as of today !! If the organisers cannot act responsibly then the Council need to act now ! Bringing tens of thousands of people from all over the world to a site which is in our capital town and where they will be in close proximity , ( and travelling on crowded ferries) Is literally insanity. It is clearly a threat threat to life – FACT. Let’s hope the government bring in legislation soon and lay this to rest. Coronavirus is not… Read more »

none given

@No brainer china has torn down the makeshift hospitals, taken down restrictions, businesses are re-opening and things are returning to normal in an orderly fashion. European businesses that have operations in china are also open for business again. They reported first cases in december and are practically done with it, about 3 months later. If we follow the same pattern, then we should be about done with this by the end of may – the festival tickets are on sale, as they anticipate being allowed to let it go ahead. anyone dumb enough to buy a festival ticket now, is… Read more »

No Brainer

I have as much faith in the news that China has “ practically done with it “ as I have in the news that N Korea has no cases of CV !
Neither country allows free speech or uncensored internet access so we cannot attach any credence to any news from those countries.
The Festival should be cancelled for 2020


It’s OK to go for a walk. It’s allowed.


…but apparently it’s not permitted to sunbathe for your VitD, in a park for example, even if at a good distance from others.
Yesterday, I saw the Police turning the few people laying in the sun, away from a green space in London, reprimanding them that “This is not a holiday”.
What harm were they doing ?
Can’t the Police find something more constructive to do with their time ?

– Perhaps they’re panicked !!!

Key worker

Tell me about! I went into Poundland today for some client supplies. A woman walked in and said to another woman, oh here you are, the other woman replied, yeah I thought I’d just come out for something to do…. seriously, do these people even have a clue… Some of us have to work around these ignorant people and they have no idea that the key workers have no choice. We are trying to keep all people we support in a safe place and these self individuals just want something to do. Police should now stop and check what people… Read more »

none given

@key worker

that is what a lot of people are doing – the sun is shining, it is warm, people want to go out, because they have been cooped up indoors all winter …it is spring now.

people are thinking – sod this, I am going up town, if i get asked, I am doing some shopping, or taking my daily exercise.

Stay at home

It’s the rich people who first bring it in and the lower status ignorant people who spread it about.

deborah Thomas

yeah I work in a supermarket I had to serve customers who clearly think its ok 2 come out to buy one packet of currant buns and moaned at me cos not all the different flavors were not available.Another who thought ok 2 come with 3 packets of biscuits people just being able to wonder in 2 or 3 times in an hour

Mike Oxechee

Stay inside idiots

R Horton

Some people HAVE to work because we can’t get help fcukwits

Sarah Jane Smith

This is exactly why the island needs a fixed link. Freight, emergency vehicles and key workers would be able to continue to travel quickly and easily. But entrance and exit on and off the island could be closed to everyone else. But still many islanders want us to remain cut off and controlled by private companies that are only intereasted in profit.

none given

@sarah jane…

you can achieve precisely the same thing with the ferries – key workers would be issued a letter from the employer, which they show the ferry staff… they can then travel – no letter and photo ID – no travel.

Any fixed link would be controlled by a consortium of private companies that were behind it. They would have staff and toll booths.

it is an infrastructure fund that owns wightlink – it is infrastructure funds that build and own fixed links.


You want a fixed link go and live on the mainland. Doesn’t get much more fixed than that! Leave our beutiful island an island


Yet still tbe buses are a petri dish


You’re a petri dish red

Christine Stone

And my son is a bus driver!


Yes, it is important to follow the rules but we’re a long way from the pitchfork, burning torch and barricade approach that many comments are proposing. Especially since we would be locking the virus in, as well as out. Throwing about deliberately misleading statistics like describing the one extra case as an increase of 30% spreads panic and helps no-one. To put things in perspective, the first two reported cases should (hopefully) be just about recovered which will lead to reduction of nearly 70% in the number of cases on the island. Can we just agree that following the rules… Read more »

Debby Jones

I’ve been saying for weeks the ferries should have been stopped for passenger. Now it’s too late. All the Londoners have thoughtlessly exposed us and all the needless trips backward and forward to the mainland…….but hey, every cloud has a silver lining…..all the selfish bastards have cleaned out the supermarket fridges and freezers just in time to stock pile all the bodies our one crematorium won’t be able to cope with!


Islands probably got more cases. should have shut the ferry’s down ages ago. We now have all the people from London and elsewhere coming here to stay in there second homes and we have loads of them. You’ll find they are also panic buying loads of stuff because they have the money too.


Save lives
Save the NHS
STOP all non urgent travel on the ferries! It’s simple!

The sooner we shut down the sooner we can all go out again

The Isle of Wight festival cannot possibly go ahead so why is the announcement being delayed?

Old bean

Dismus love you statement so so so true let’s hope islanders boycott festival next year he is such a greedy selfish man and lets face it it’s getting more like jack up the 80 s but treble the price

Grumpy Old Git

Who’s a greedy selfish man?

Lorraine Hayles

Before lock down …
Second home owners from London and epicentres of infection who descended Mothers Day weekend to the island and may be carrying the virus are to me are more concerning .

Individuals in supermarkets not sticking to the 2 metre social distancing rule also needed to be policed better by the supermarkets here and enforced.

After lock down ?
I don’t know any more as I am following the governments requests like lots of others here and not leaving my home to shield our vulnerable island residents.

I just want this nightmare to end.

Jackie Jackson

How can I as a supermarket worker stick to the 2 meter rule .impossible


I agree I used to work in a supermarket it’s impossible


Jackie they should give you some type of screen to protect u….ur more vulnerable than most being so close to people…..well done tho for being there

robin swain

We need the ferry companies to stop bringing holiday makers here . Just supplies and frontline workers. Keep your children indoors

Ben stokes

It’s not the virus that spreads it’s the people that spread it, don’t go out unless you have to !!!


Has this latest case come from the mainland? Another reason to stop tourists while this “plague” is rife. Stay at home, let the Island isolate.

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