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Yarmouth Town Council is looking to modernise and upgrade the toilets in Bridge Street and on the High Street by the common, with 2 planning applications submitted to the Isle of Wight Council.

Working with Swedish company Danfo, who have helped other parish, town and community councils on the Island, the town council is set to make the new toilets pay-to-use if approved.

This means for people wanting to use the facilities, a payment must be made to enter the cubicle before it can be used. However, the disabled toilets, where a baby changing unit will also be installed, will be free to use.

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On Bridge Street, proposals (20/01042/FUL) will see the conversion of the existing cubicles to unisex ones, eliminating the male entrance, which will become a storeroom.

In one design and access statement, included in the planning documents, it is said the existing brick built conveniences are of no historic or architectural importance and is in need of an upgrade to allow for wheelchair access.

Another statement from  Danfo, said the facilities were not very environmentally friendly, causing high utility bills, with the building now dated and worn.

On the High Street (20/01501/FUL), the plans are to demolish the existing structure and replace it with a pre-fabricated building, which will come from Danfo’s head office in Sweden.

Instead of the cubicles there now, it is proposed that there is one disabled toilet, with baby-changing facilities, which will be free to use, and one unisex cubicle which will be pay-to-use.

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A design and access statement attached for the toilets application says the interior fixtures and fittings are in poor condition and need replacing, as well as high maintenance and utility bills, which is why Yarmouth Town Council thought it best to demolish the building and replace it with the modern, hygienic and environmentally friendly toilets Danfo supply.

Both toilet blocks are said by Danfo to be a great addition to the residents and visitors of ‘the beautiful town of Yarmouth’.

To view and comment on proposals, you can visit the Isle of Wight Council’s planning portal.

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Magical mag

Errmmm only 2 loos ..?


People won’t pay but i bet they still go.

Jimbo Barton

wot dur meen

Miss Primmer

One finds it rather galling that Babies and the disabled can have free access to use the facilities.   All get child allowance, child tax credits etc which are paid from birth onwards. The disabled if not working are paid more money than other able bodied in the same situation, and often are given a car free parking etc.   One could understand such should these people live on the breadline, but both usually have as much disposable income and often more, and usually have more free time to enjoy life.   Having ones cake and eating it to springs… Read more »


I can see where you are coming from with most of this, but in one respect you are wrong. I am retired and have since been classed as disabled. I cannot walk any distance, and if there is an up slope/hill I cannot manage more than about 20 yards without resting to get my breath back. I receive no benefits or allowances despite having worked since leaving school until I retired, having never missed a single day out of work. I see these people in benefits with their iphones, ipads, taking foreign holidays at least once a year. All things… Read more »

Miss Primmer

I am truly sorry to hear of your plight, and fail to understand how some disabled are paid more, and gain a mobility car etc, and yet others cannot? Surely the same system is in place for all, they cannot just ‘pick and choose’ who gets what?   Are you sure you are getting everything you are entitled to?   Citizens advice, and of course the internet may help you see.   I am not ‘running down’ the disabled, what I am saying is ‘IF you are disabled and IF you are getting more cash that someone able bodied, then… Read more »


Some disabled people who haven’t reached retirement age, get nothing at all.
The private company assessed a lot of disabled people capable of working, yet i know one person that is waiting for 2 knees ops and suffers from curvature of the spine with cartilage damage and can just about walk 20 yards without pain was declared fit to work ! ! ! Even on appeal they were turned down.
Not all disabled people have loads of money.


Exactly the same with the free tv licence for the over 75s IF you are on pension credits. Once you get these you get every other benefit going such as free dentistry, pet vet bills, free adult education, eye care etc etc. the list is endless and surely not everyone needs all of the benefits but you get them all anyway which leaves an unjust situation giving many of those people more disposable income than others working who then have to pay for the licence with less money.

Highbury girl

I am a 60 years old. I have Been disabled for many years. I have only ever worked part time since my eldest daughter was born 30 odd years ago. I did not earn enough to pay national insurance. I have been on PIP for approximately 10 years. Only 2 years ago did my money went up to £400. pcm. Out of that I have to £200 into account for household bills. Then a extra £130. For personal bills. Which leaves me with £70 a month for food & everything else I may need. I am not entitled to any… Read more »

Bob Frapples

Pay as you go thank God, I was worried they would use our council tax money


Why use a swedish based firm – haven’t we got anybody on the island that could do this. If not anybody in the u.k.?


So the disabled toilets are free? What’s stopping people from just using the disabled toilet instead of paying?

Miss Primmer

A key called a radar key.

Old Mike

At my age when you’ve got to go – you’ve got to go!

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