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Hampshire Constabulary have been carrying out a search on board a yacht at Yarmouth Harbour today (Tuesday) as part of an ongoing investigation into an assault.

Local response and patrol officers have spent the day assisting the Marine Support Unit and Newport CID in conducting a fingertip search of the vessel.

A number of officers and a detective arrived at the quayside in Yarmouth at around 10:15 this morning, joined soon after by specially-trained marine officers on board the Police boat ‘Commander’.

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Following a search briefing, officers donned life jackets and boarded the yacht. It is unclear what officers were searching for exactly.

A small cordon was established to enable a working area for officers.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has told Island Echo:

“Officers have conducted a pre-planned warrant on a yacht moored at Yarmouth Harbour, as part of an ongoing investigation.

“This came following the arrest of a 54-year-old man in connection with an assault.

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“He has been released from custody but remains under investigation as enquiries continue.

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Bob Frapples

No mention of drugs or teachers in this story idiot


The mentioning of such is to show that it is not all social housing tenants who grow, even so called respected professions as a teacher now grow in Haylands. This is shocking as it is then not done for need, but greed, and when by a person who ought to be a pillar of society to do this is so wrong on many levels, as many children have little respect for their teachers now, and as many are talking about this, they will lose ever more respect for the majority not doing such wicked things. Unsure whether to phone the… Read more »

isla wight

And those of us who live with dealers and users around us have to put up with the god awful stench of the shit they smoke on hourly basis during the day. Someone who can’t make it through the day without smoking 8/9/10 joints is addicted to a ‘non addictive’ substance, sad really, nothing better in their lives to do ? And no i haven’t tried it, no wish to, although i do use c.b.d. oil for keeping the old aches and pains at bay(yes it does work).


I saw the police presence yesterday and noticed the yacht seized is registered in San Diego, California and lashed to the port beam full of marine diesel were 7 or 8 plastic containers. You can guess my first thought as to the reason!

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