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Emergency services are currently responding to reports of a workman who has fallen from the roof of a building in Cowes this afternoon (Thursday).

Firefighters from the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service are responding to the incident on Langley Road off Medina Road alongside colleagues from the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service.

Several fire appliances from Newport and Ryde are responding to the rear of Rope Walk – where works are currently being carried out – as a result of a workman ‘falling backwards’ on the roof of a 3-storey building.

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Island Echo understands the workman is wearing a safety harness which has prevented him from falling to the ground. He is said to be around 10ft from ground level.

The alarm was raised shortly before 13:30.

3 fire appliances are on scene alongside an Aerial Ladder Platform and Rescue Tender from Newport.

UPDATE @ 14:10 – The aerial appliance is now being utilised to help get the casualty to the ground in a safe and swift manner. An ambulance is waiting.

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UPDATE @ 14:45 – The workman has successfully been rescued by the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service and is now in the care of the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service.

The casualty is being conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital.

UPDATE @ 14:50 – Emergency services have now stood down from the incident.

Work continues on site.

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L Urch

Thank goodness he was wearing a harness, undoubtedly saved his life, well done to our Fire Brigade once again, incidental, all our firemen seem so short these days, a sign of the times I guess!


Don’t forget. There are female fire fighters too. Not just men..x

Mad Benny

Thank goodness it wasn’t a bungy rope, he would still be pinging up and down now.

Old bean

Hope he’s ok glad he had harness on lucky man

Eve Shipman

Nice to read about an event where the health and safety rules have been followed and an injury accident has been prevented. Too many nay-sayers deride the “elf ‘n safety” rules but they are there for a purpose.


Hope he’s ok and will get over the shock!


10 ft from the ground ?! Geez… bet will need change of underpants after that ! So good to hear the health and safety was in place though. I should think a pint or two is well deserved this eve.


Early tea break Spider man 🙂

Fred Nurke

The equipment worked. It is always worth doing the job right, and using the correct equipment. Stopped his fall 10 feet from disaster, according to the report.
It’s a shame, though, that they kept him hanging that close to the ground for over an hour.
If he’s properly in the harness, it should, surely have been a quick and simple task?

Last edited 1 month ago by Fred Nurke

If he fell from a third floor and is halted 10 ft from the ground the good possibility the line which he was attached to is way to long .
there hound of been something intermittent installed on the line to prevent so much slack being available

Jason O'Donnell

The harness probably had a fall arrest system. Mine has 6m of webbing that slowly releases in a controlled manner and means that the wearer does not suffer injuries from a sudden jolting stop.


Should # not hound

Fred Nurke

It would be ‘have’ not ‘of’, if you’re going to get picky about it.

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