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Vicki Neilson has been found not guilty of causing wounding with intent after she is alleged to have stabbed her friend multiple times with a knife at an address in Ryde last September.

As previously reported by Island Echo, emergency services rushed to Tyro House on Winton Street on the evening of 20th September 2019. It is at a flat that they found a man in his 50s with stab wounds to his chest and shoulder.

Ms Neilson was initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder but later charged with wounding with intent and causing previous bodily harm with intent.

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Now, having spent 6 months on remand and sitting through a trial, Vicki has been found not guilty of the charges against her.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard how Ms Neilson had escaped from a previous coercive relationship but soon found herself the subject of her friend’s obsession. Ms Neilson had planned to take up work in Egypt as an entertainment director, but her friend didn’t want that to happen.

Vicki’s barrister argued that she acted in self-defence when the alleged victim attacked her.

The jury listened to the evidence before them and returned a not guilty verdict.

The trial, led by His Honour Judge T Mousley QC, was the last to be heard at Portsmouth before the coronavirus lockdown.

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Good verdict, one only wonders IF the same verdict would have been reached should roles have been reversed?

Darren Street

This was my thoughts exactly


Which is to say, if it had been a completely DIFFERENT situation?

Reika Kitami

“self defence”
Ah, like Mr Varg “I stabbed him 23 times in the back because he was plotting to kill me” Vikernes?

False gods

Ridiculous verdict, she stabbed someone, now released to do it again if she pleases. How can a civilised human being really plunge a knife into another once, let alone multiple times. I don’t want to crap about ‘poor girl’ . To do that is savage and deserves a custodial sentence.


Most women are physically weaker than men, so without seeing the pair, it is hard to know if she had to resort to such to protect herself, if so, then a good verdict. Without hearing all the evidence we can only guess. but many men especially a certain race, are very possessive and she may have had to do such to end her torture or she would have become the victim. We have never know absolute fear and hatred to know what ‘we’ would have done. With the Police so useless, phoning them for help would have been a total… Read more »


We are all equal, how dare you say a woman is weaker, we are just as strong and we want equal right and lefts

Old bean

Ryde say no more

False gods


Reika Kitami

Go on, move and live there, then call that person an “idiot”
you won’t though, cos you’re a keyboard warrior with absolutely no spine whatsoever!

False gods

Like you!,,,, idiot


This wasn’t a quick verdict it took 6 months to come to the CORRECT result! She is a lovely vibrant lady that found herself in a terrible situation and those that are saying it’s the wrong decision don’t know what your talking about clearly. Ask yourselves, what would you do, if you had been attacked by an aggressive, obsessive man and feared for your life?

And on average MOST men are stronger than women unless the woman has trained to be bigger and stronger than normal.


Totally agree whatever. Most men are far nastier and revengeful too, not like many women who become more emotional, many men just get revengeful. Why wait until her face was say burnt off with acid, or slashed. She did the right thing imo, without knowing all the facts. I know of many non British types who think they ‘own’ any women they have ‘been’ with. So wise up women of the Island, and when ‘such’ approaches you, seemingly ‘oh so charming’ compared with the usual local guys, and younger and fitter so you ‘can’t believe your luck’ there ‘could’ well… Read more »


Just imagine if you really pissed her off

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