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A woman is due to appear in court charged with drink driving after crashing into a wall in Ryde during the early hours of this morning (Friday).

The individual failed to negotiate a right hand bend at the junction of Alexandra Road and St John’s Hill, crashing her blue Suzuki into the wall of a residential property.

Police attended the scene and the driver provided a positive roadside breath test, leading to her arrest.

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Shortly before 01:00 this morning, at Newport Police Station, the suspected drink driver blew 101 – the legal limit being 35.

PC Green of the Joint Operations Unit has said:

“It will never cease to amaze me that people are willing to take the risk and drink and drive. These people not only risk their own safety but all other people who are going about their daily business.

“We will continue to actively target and prosecute offenders”.

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Ban for life. Mega fine. What chance?

Al Switch

Thick end of not a lot mate. But I agree in any event.


Await the thousands of new homes to be filled with druggies and alcoholics when filled with imported dregs of other mainland councils glad to pay ours to rid themselves of their burden.


I totally agree with you. Why can’t we have a council that loves the Island as much as we do and do what’s best for us and not looking to line pockets.

Bing Bong

Done at least 10 quids worth of damage by the looks of things


This woman is incredibly irresponsible, I hope she is jailed as she could easily have killed someone in other circumstances.
We need to follow many other countries and bring in a limit of 22mcgm per 100ml of breath, these countries include Scotland , Australia and most of Europe.
We also need to increase the penalties too, with at least a suspended jail sentence and long bans and much bigger fines. Let’s get tougher on crime.


Reduce the limit..Yeah that would help she’d be 4 times over the limit instead of 3 times..brilliant idea you should be in goverment.


You have clearly missed the point of my post. This accident is clearly a fait accompli, but lowering the legal limit will send out a stronger message. If even one fatality is prevented by making someone think twice about driving after consuming excess alcohol then it will have been be a success . Negativity does not help!


I personally don’t drink alcohol or take drugs and I find drink driving abhorrent however lowering the limit isn’t the cure however tougher sentences like life bans and prison for people who do I twice will cut the numbers massively. Courts and Judges are way too lenient.


There is only one acceptable limit – ZERO DRINK. ZERO DRUGS. Nothing else is acceptable. And if anyone ever involves a member of my family, watch out, life won’t be worth living. Sod the usless courts.


What difference will a limit of 22mgcm make to someone that blows 101?

Last edited 6 days ago by Korchead

It wont in her case I agree , but it will send out a message that things are being tightened up. Some people will think twice before drinking and that may lead to a reduction in people taking the decision to drink and drive in future.
I am aware that some people will flout the law anyway , as she did.


18 month ban and a ÂŁ250 fine with a ÂŁ60 surcharge I reckon. She will be out and about just in time to wipe out a few visitors! It’s not even as if she was in a pub, she was possibly drinking at someones’ house and then allowed to drive home probably not for the first time… Idiot!

Bing Bong

Were you the same kind of person bowing down to Dr Henderson’s drink drive antics because of his “upstanding pillar of the community” perspective?
Who’s to say this woman isn’t as vital to our daily lives? Does that make that ok too?


Btw Henderson whos my dad’s doctor…hes back ay surgery n seeing patients! Piss poor law.if hed killed huh.well a mockery getting done for drink drive

Opinions Matter

Stupid bitch. She could have killed someone. Only positive is it was in the early hours of the morning with zero people and motorists about. Sorry for the damage to the residents wall. Make this stupid person pay a huge fine and ban her for 3 years and she picks up the bill to rebuild the wall she damaged.

Martin Shoebridge

Hopefully her insurance won’t pay out for the damage to her car.That will hurt her pocket…. They WILL have to pay for the wall, however.


Nasty, misogynist thing to call her.


Judging most drivers on this island, you would think they were all pissed…

Expecially bloody van drivers…

Duncan Disorderly

Whatever the circumstances this woman thought it was worth the risk versus getting caught. This is the root of the problem on the Island. Over the drink limit, uninsured, doped up drivers take the chance because physical policing levels are so low and mechanical enablers have all been decommissioned generating a selfish disregard for public safety. Only her road incident led to her arrest.


So much for those who said the lockdown would stop drink driving. Always blame pubs, less than half price in super markets. The idiots will always drink and drive.


Personal responsibility is the keywords, there is a chance a publican will refuse to sell to someone drunk, that will not be the case in a private dwelling or on the street. Personal Responsibility is sadly lacking in Too Many people, of All Ages.


Easy solution seize their car and automatic ban for ten years.


Better still automatic ban for life. Sell car and give to any deserving charity.

Martin Shoebridge

Car is worth nothing now PMSL

Level Phil

Yep – spot on. 10 year ban, but a second offence should be an automatic and irreversible lifetime ban. Surely that would discourage the majority of these twats.


what a twat bet she gets fuxxckal

Let's get tough on crime.

I hope that she is charged with breaking Covid lock-down restrictions, and if found guilty , given the maximum sentence. I assume she had no valid reason to be out, let alone in an intoxicated condition?
I think that all of our sentences are far too lenient in the UK, so the more charges the better in this case.
Many people will continue to break the law ,as they are unlikely to face serious consequences even if they get caught.

Bing Bong

Why drink and drive home,when you can smoke dope and fly home.

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