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The winter competitive indoor bowls season got under way in Ryde last week.

All weekend daytime leagues and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening leagues all completed their first games of the new season, which got underway on 1st October.

Throughout the year the club also host a number of friendly games against other Island-based and mainland clubs. Witney of Oxfordshire, who have now been coming to the Island for many years, were the first visitors of the season at the weekend.

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Saturday (6th October) saw Terry Lidington, Simon Gibbs, Ted West, Barry Rodwell, Bob Stubbs, Pat Hartigan, Bob Powell, Peter Furmidge, Terry Humber, Mike Davidson, Craig Williams and Roy Jemson (Captain) go up against the visitors.

The following day – Sunday 7th October – Seamus Morris, John Hutchinson, Mike Bradford, Roy Jemson (Captain), John Grindley, Simon Gibbs, Ted West, Barry Rodwell, George Stevens, Mike Davidson, Mark Morris and Peter Furmidge all stepped up to the green.

This afternoon (Monday 8th October) the club entertain Stevenage Bowling Club in a mixed fixture. For the Island Annie Morris, Terry Lidington, Bob Powell, Pauline Proud, Daphne Lacey, Jane Kilby, Barry Rodwell, Roy Jemson, Carol Bliss, Mark Morris, Ted West, Paul Dyer, Shirley Searle, Angie West, Colin Day, Mhairi Day, Brenda Rodwell, Clive Ward, Pete Furmidge, Tricia McMurray, Les Benford, Ian Ball and Stef Ball will all play.

Later this week, on Thursday 11th October, the club again take on Stevenage Bowling Club. The selected team is Annie Morris, Liz Allen, Jeff Henshaw, Les Benford, Daphne Lacey, Terry Lidington, Malcolm Addison, Roy Jemson, Phil Fredericks, Jane Kelby, Mike Davidson, Barry Rodwell, Tricia McMurray, Brenda Rodwell, John Hutchinson, Pete Allen, Dave Fredericks, Angie West, Seamas Morris, Mike Bradford, George Stevens, Pat Hartigan, Val Addison and Paul Dyer.

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