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Wightlink have suspended their cross-Solent service between Yarmouth and Lymington this morning (Tuesday) due to adverse weather.

Strong winds in the western Solent have led to the decision by Captain and crew.

The suspension of service is until further notice.

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Customers are advised to travel on the Fishbourne-Portsmouth route instead.

UPDATE @ 12:50 – Hovertravel have now suspended their Ryde-Southsea service. The next update will b e at 15:00.

A yellow weather warning for severe gales and heavy rain is in place for the Isle of Wight today.


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It’s a good job we don’t have a fixed link, think how the wind would effect us then, big wind blows, people still move from one part of England to another, not a good idea for people to have freedom of movement, just think easy access to the rest of England, just think the potential for this little Island to have freedom, this fixed link nonsense has to stop and stop NOW. Please do not mention the fixed link idea thingy; I did once but think I got away with it, say no to the freedom a tunnel would bring,… Read more »

Richard Kenward

A fixed link of any kind might benefit the few living here but would destroy it for the many who truly value what the IOW offers. I moved from the mountains of Wales several years ago and very much appreciate the diversity and the range of experiences to be enjoyed on this special island. No, any fixed link would destroy all that is special about living here.


If you don’t like living on an island, there are plenty of empty houses on the mainland , getting tiresome now listening to this old whinge.


Your knowledge about housing could be better used helping the people who are homeless, I suggest you share the location of all this empty housing in the direction of the councils who are desperately trying to house people.

Az-zahra Aziz

Just MOVE that side. Clearly YOU don’t even know what you have here, and even if so, are thick enough to ‘expect’ that special something to ‘remain in tact’ once fixed to the Mainland.

Easier and cheaper for YOU to go, and us who DO love it here to stay.

One leaves every half an hour, if it’s not windy, no passport needed, no need to hide in the back of a truck, so piece of cake.

Still here? Thought so


Thank you so much for such positive support, would you like to carry my bags for me? I tip very well.

Ivor Hardy

…Perhaps best not to live on an island then…?

Tim C

I mentioned a fixed link once in here and had the heavies come down on me hard. I was twitching the curtains nervously for a week. The single most unpopular comment I have ever made.
Maybe they have shares in the ferry companies….. oooops…. careful!
I’m off to hide in the shed.


Wouldn’t fancy being on a bridge at the moment, even if it was open


There are so many backward retards on the iow spewing out pathetic comments, Mainly because they are scared of a fixed link lol. What sad, selfish boring lives you must have, probably because you never leave the island! Try thinking about all the people that can’t get home to their families tonight. I take it England is no longer an island where it’s connected to France via a tunnel?? Or all the other islands round the world with fixed links??

none given

ken – i guess you are including yourself in your “backward retards” comment, after all, your comments are strange.

The fastcat and car ferry to fishbourne ran all day. Stop trying to paint an image of people crying at the port, because their loved one is stranded, homeless, wet and lonely on the quay side in portsmouth, like some poor unfortunate.

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