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In the UK, smoking is not allowed indoors, so employees cannot smoke within the premises, but that doesn’t mean business owners shouldn’t offer space for this recreational activity.

Now, vaping is not really the same thing, but since it is relatively new, the UK still mandates that it does not happen indoors. Even if it doesn’t seem all that important, the following are some reasons why allowing vaping in the workplace can be a good thing in the workplace.

Rise in Popularity

One main reason employers should consider creating an outdoor space for employees who vape is because vaping has become an increasingly popular pass time throughout the country. This means most employers probably have employees who vape as an alternative to smoking and need to be able to vape in order to stay off cigarettes.

An Opportunity to Create Loyalty

A problem that many employers are having in the UK is with employee retention. There are people who simply leave their jobs and move on to the next, which can create a lot of issues for employers. Business owners not only have to waste money on recruiting more people, but they also have to worry about spending time training new employees.

There is a lot business owners can do to try to get employees to stay, such as creating a more friendly workplace environment. Allowing vaping could be one way to do this.

Allocate comfortable chairs and couches to make the area better, or consider printing vape reviews to give employees an interesting read. The idea here is to anticipate employees needs, which can help ensure that employees remain with the company.

Fighting Employee Violations

Another reason to try to give employees a dedicated area to vape is because it reduces the chances that someone vapes indoors, violating UK law but also potentially upsetting  other employees who don’t want to come into contact with vapour.

A Chance to Be Considerate

Giving employees who vape an area where they can do so freely gives other employees a chance to relax because they don’t have to worry about people vaping near them. As popular as vaping is, there is still a good number of people who would prefer not to vape and would prefer not to be around it.

Some people do not like vaping for the same reasons they do not like tobacco smokers though the side effects are considerably different. Still, this space ensures that employees get along because no one is going to feel resentment if another employee is vaping near them. This also improves employee retention because people who vape will have a reason to stay and won’t feel excluded. On top of that, people who don’t vape will feel like their needs are catered to as well.

Encouraging Employee Mingling

Employee retention can be improved in many ways, and one way is to encourage employee mingling. If the people in a workplace have the opportunity to connect with one another, then they have ties to the workplace that are a little harder to break.

Giving vapers who have that in common an area where they are going to start talking and connecting is a good idea because it facilitates friendship. Retention is not the only reason workplace friendships should be encouraged because these sorts of relationships also encourage productivity. The more employees feel connected to the company and to each other, the more they work to support the company, which is something all employers want.

These are just some things that business owners should consider if they haven’t made up their minds about providing workplace vaping areas. Take this area seriously because employees are going to be able to see if the employer took the time to provide a good place for them or not.

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