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A 29-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply firearms following raids on 3 properties in Sandown yesterday (Tuesday), which also led to the arrest of 2 others on suspicion of money laundering.

West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit, with the assistance of Hampshire Constabulary, carried out a raid at Fairway Holiday Park at just before 13:00 yesterday. This resulted in the arrest of the unnamed 29-year-old on suspicion of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and conspiracy to supply firearms.

Further enquiries then led officers to raid a residential address in Avenue Road, which was searched. A commercial premises in the High Street was also visited.

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A 57-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman have been arrested on suspicion of money laundering. They were both detained at the house on Avenue Road.

All 3 remain in police custody for questioning.

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Serious stuff, well done the police


Fake news


This couldn’t be more wrong! I no these people, they don’t remain in police custody and they have been released with no further action, don’t believe everything you read!

Fed up

Tarn you are wrong I have seen them dealing with my own eyes more than once .

Opinions Matter

If they are dealing drug filth then lets hope this is not fake news and the police have arrested these low life scum. We don’t want people thinking the island is an easy touch for making money on selling filth here.


Why are we not naming them

Old bean

All scum are in sandown


Takes one to know one.

Old bean

Truth hurts


The story implies West Midlands Police came during lockdown from a very infectious area to the island to arrest 3 people, if that is the case then, what a risk to the island and a total waste of money. No wonder the Police part of the council tax is always going up above inflation rate.


All the scum are in sandown??? It’s sadass shitheads like you with nothing better to do, look around where you live twat!!!

danielle thearle

Steve mate, there are scum bags all over this Island so please don’t tarnish a whole town with the same brush.. there really are some wonderful pr that live in Sandown.
I’m not trying to start a raw, just think that’s a harsh statement to make Steve.

Old bean

Dummy out of pram ha ha

Opinions Matter

All over the island Steve, not just Sandown. Unfortunately these types are increasing in numbers recently. I think they think the island is an easy way to make quick money from selling filthy drugs. WRONG, the decent island residents will report any unwanted behaviour.

Level Phil

West Midland’s Old Bill on the Island? Talk about the long arm of the law!

Opinions Matter

Sleepy little IOW seems to be attracting the dreggs of society. The dreggs think they will get away with it here, WRONG. Excellent job, well done to all involved in finding these low life.


Saw around 5 police cars at the top of the high street yesterday afternoon and removing stuff from the cafe on the corner.

Opinions Matter

Let’s hope more good findings for the police hey Snoopy.

mary christmas

It wont be snowing in Sandown this Christmas

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