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A planning application for 475 houses in Ryde has been submitted.

Validated earlier this week by the Isle of Wight Council, Westridge Village (IOW), owned by the bosses of Captiva Homes, has put forward the application to demolish agricultural barns, and the garage of 125 Marlborough Road, to then build 475 new houses behind the main Ryde road, along with a cafe, doctors’ surgery and office space.

The land between Appley Road, Bullen Road and Hope Road in Ryde, a total of 38 hectares, has been the subject of a campaign by local residents for years now to stop building, saving Westridge Farm, where the current tenants have been farming since 1966.

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As part of the proposals, Westridge Village (IOW) is looking to build 309 market houses, 116 social or affordable houses with 50 affordable home with ownership proposed. This will provide a mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4-bed dwellings, built in 9 phases.

According to the planning statement, submitted as part of the documentation, planning agents, BCM, says it is envisaged the applicants will build approximately 50 dwellings per annum — meaning the site, if it is given permission, could potentially take 9-and-half years to build.

New junctions could be built off Appley Road and Bullen Road and agents say,  they may provide financial contributions to improve the junction of Great Preston Road and Smallbrook Lane and the signalised junction at Westridge Cross.

In a design statement, by Urban Pulse Design, agents say:

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“This proposal presents the opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution towards the overall need for both private and affordable housing within the local area.

“This development gives the opportunity to make efficient use of the available land without it being overdeveloped, while also providing good areas of public open amenity space for use by the residents and local community.”

Along with the housing, the company is proposing public open spaces for people to walk around with 25 acres of landscaped space.

Previously, James Pink, director of Captiva Homes has said about West Acre Park:

“The land in this location has been identified as suitable for residential development and the team at Captiva Homes, as local people, felt a commitment to exploring this opportunity to ensure maximum protection and responsible development of the land by Islanders who care about our community.

“These homes go some way to meeting the housing requirements for our Island now and for future generations, and we have designed our homes to grow with families and give them the opportunity to extend them in the future.”

To view all planning documents relating to West Acre Park and to comment on the application, you can search 20/01061/FUL on the Isle of Wight Council’s planning portal. People can comment on the proposals until 11th September 2020.

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I’m afraid i can not believe one word the developers are saying about this whole development.
If they get it passed, i am sure they will then start to build and attempt to change things as they go on, and as for affordable housing, most islanders will NOT be able to afford any of them.


I totally agree there is No way islanders will be able to afford these homes, and I never trust what developers say after what happened to a friend who moved into those mobile homes in the Avenue in Sandown after two years she is still waiting for landline connection!!


Completely agree, They will start clamouring for changes and relaxations of any conditions imposed from the moment it’s approved. No recent ‘development’ has actually come up with any improved medical facilities and the houses are not needed or affordable except by people selling up in mainland conurbation areas


The artist ‘impression’ is just that, an impressionist view.   The reality will be very different, Ryde will be just one huge ugly in every sense urban sprawl, bad enough. But then it is what is housed within those homes that is the other lasting and increasing problem.   The main council get paid to take tenants than other mainland councils are only too pleased to see the back of.   We then get our glorious countryside destroyed forever, more crime, more crowded roads, and more pressure on the already near broken services we have seen slide already.   The… Read more »


Sadly most know of this dark pool in planning, but, as it is so deeply entrenched, knowing it, and doing something about it are two different things.
Watch wildlife and beauty be destroyed, not for a while, but forever, and watch the rich become richer, using the Island as a profitable building site, living in the most remote locations and should the whole place become ruined, then, no matter, rich enough to live wherever they want in the world, for that is their playground, not some little Isle, that is just the ‘piggy bank’.


Where are the doctors coming from?


Spontaneous combustion?

Fatty belcher

Tony, well it won’t be Harley Street, more like Mumbai shanty town, IF at all. No disrespect to the lovely Indian Doctors who do thankfully work here, but I don’t believe we will ever see any more if we have to rely on developers to fund such.
Just more druggies, alcoholics and usual dross from the mainland to add and breed with what we already have here now.

Johny fart pants

I hope they dont get planning for this, i wouldnt trust them, we need to keep green space

Frank Mcdougall

Seriously stop killing our island with more houses that we do not need. Leave our forests and green spaces alone…at this rate there will be none left.. as for developers and false promises its obvious human behavior greed creates corruption… simples

Last edited 7 days ago by Frank Mcdougall

Sadly WE as in Islanders DON’T need them, BUT half the migrants of the third world don’t ‘arrive with a house’ so displaced indigenous people then come here to avoid living in what becomes an unrecognisable town.
Hence we are ALL affected indirectly. THINK and see what is happening. Did you think that a house magically appears for those who ‘float over’ to the UK’s shores?

greedy nature wreckers

there is no need for houses on the island..if there were then we would see vast numbers of islanders with cash homeless….there aren’t.. so this development is not needed or wanted by the residents.

Fatty belcher

This will go ahead. The Pink’s know the ‘right’ people.
Not so much a planning application, more a planning order.


the pinks as you put it, may find that they get visits from disgruntled residents at their own personal dwellings for wrecking the environment with their hell bent desire to build benefit hutches and concrete over the oxygen producing land. The pinks still have to go shopping and will still go out into town – those who feel their livelihoods are being affected might take the matter up in person.   it is always a risk when you think that you are too smug and go against the will of the locals – think what has happened in other development… Read more »


The council will pass this, and the Pinks are very well connected. This along with the latest Nicholson Road plan which is going in, and as it is on council owned land, the ‘application’ is a fore gone conclusion.   The council get paid for then taking in inner city mainland overspill from their council, obviously only too pleased to dump their most costly and troublesome tenants on anyone greedy enough to take them.   Our council then gets paid for taking and housing them, the developers and planners on the council live nowhere near the area they ruin, and… Read more »

Indy 149

0Quote: …”The land in this location has been identified as suitable for residential development and the team at Captiva Homes, AS LOCAL PEOPLE, felt a commitment to exploring this opportunity to ensure maximum protection and responsible development of the land by Islanders who care about our community’… That statement is BS. Show us the local support! I haven’t seen or read anything that demonstrates any support for this scheme.
All looking profitable for Captiva Homes, BCM and Urban Pulse Design tho’.


Sounds fab and it will be BUT don’t have right people to fill them. Instead they’ll lay empty until they sell to council or house agencies and fill with scum. Within a year it will be just as Oakvale in Ryde, East Cowes and Pam development. It’s not the developers fault it’s just not the right place to do so and I can’t blame them as the government are trying to home people but there just isn’t enough cash on this island so it’ll be filled with problem families within the year

michael carroll

Where is Mr Pink going to get the money from.
Any bank manager who lends that amount of money is likely to get the sack & rightly so.
The planners will probably also have a nice Xmas box.
All Captivas financial activities are available for scrutiny & Let me ask ‘why is his office about 30-40 miles away in Poole,Dorset?
Room for thought.
Let’s hope it’s turned down.

Fatty belcher

UK Developers are not ALL as they should be. There are many very unpleasant people involved, bribing, pressuring landowners, perhaps as one would expect where large, life changing sums of cash are to be made from just getting an agricultural site changed into a building site, MILLIONS of pound created just by a signature.   Thus the integrity of the most honest guy will be sorely tested when huge sums can be tempting just to ‘tick’ the right box.   Surely most must see planning is NOT just done on ‘merit’.   Not saying ‘this lot’ are, but the cap… Read more »

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