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So-called ‘Nottingham Knockers’ are said to be operating on the Isle of Wight at present, leading to Trading Standards issuing a warning.

The Council department says they have received a worrying number of reports that groups of men, who are provided with a holdall full of overpriced and poor quality cleaning products, are cold calling local residents.

The men are knocking on doors trying to sell the items. They will often claim to be ex-prisoners trying to turn their lives around to guilt you into buying items from them, however, if you refuse can become persistent and aggressive. Any ID card that they may carry is likely to be fake and they may be taking this opportunity to check out your property for future scams.

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It is believed the practise originated in Nottingham, hence the name.

A spokesperson has said:

“The best advice we can give is if you don’t know the person at your door, don’t open it or use a chain. If they become intimidating and you are frightened close the door and call the Police on 101”.

No Cold Calling Door Stickers can be obtained from [email protected].

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Last time I called 101 i got a recorded message saying use email or their website. no one at the other end.


101 on my mobile takes me to a service offered by my network provider and not the Police!

Geoff Hope

Maybe dial 01983 first to avoid calling your provider? Mind will be a waste of time anyway. Jails are full of the worlds rejects so we can’t jail our own now, so Police have lost interest as no backing by courts etc.
Time will make it all worse now with so many extra here.

Geoff Hope

Legalised mugging is what it is.

Don’t answer the door unless you know who is the other side. That will become a ‘must’ when P enny F eather et al is filled with ‘similar’ types, so get into the habit now.

And vote the Council OUT at the first given chance who are ruining this Island.

Old bean

They are in totland freshwater area be on your guard

Alan jones


Opinions Matter

Just politely say ‘no thank you’ and close the door. Simples!


Had a call from a chap in his early twenties last Wednesday (west Wight) – he looked quite surprised to see a chap at home in the middle of the day. Gave a story about living in a half way house.
Never buy from door knockers.


I was going to ask what island do you live on Geoff !
But then I read all your comment, we all like to think our little island is a safe bubble. But unfortunately there are a lot of unethical people out there on every street .
And yes there are a few who suppose to work for us but fill there pockets and think of different ways to exstracte even more of our hard earned money from us .
Just like the Nottingham knockers .

Last edited 3 days ago by Dave
Missing the issue!

What a stupid point to raise… if someone knocks on the door and you are not expecting anyone then you ask who they are and tell them to go away!! They are a group selling cleaning products… I doubt they are hard to identify!!!

The Cats Paw

I doubt tough Northerners will be obvious and ‘fliting around’ with a feather duster, or sponge on a stick, so, nice to look out and i.d these before opening the door if you are elderly.
Some young can front it out, yet the older and easily intimidated by such and for them, it is safer to keep the door shut.


Nottingham knockers are not from Nottingham its were it all started. Nottingham people are not northerners they are East Midlands


The chap that called on me was white, very dark hair, slightly overweight for height and age I would reckon, trendy small beard, quite nicely dressed, not scruffy early twenties.
His accent was certainly mid country.

Bing Bong

“quite nicely dressed”
if he’s decked out in Pierre Cardin all round, why give him the time of day.
Clearly got more money than sense lol


I didn’t buy anything never would from door to door- but I wasn’t rude to him either no need… just responding to a description request.

The Cats Paw

Thank you Jay for useful info.

MC hammer

It’s not great, but every one needs to earn a crust

Uncle Albert

In this time of Covid, why would you even answer the door to an unexpected caller? Be warned, from my past experience of these hawkers, they are not keen to take no for an answer and you will need to be forceful to get rid of them.

Mickey the mouse

Never open your door to unexpected callers. Especially the police.


They have been in the Freshwater area trying to sell tools, probably stolen, and knocking on doors asking people if they want to sell their camper vans. Checking to see if anyone is in, so they can go back and steal it more like.

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