TIMEBANKING UK, the national organisation which advises communities on establishing their own Timebanks will be in Ventnor on 18th June at Ventnor Childrens’ Centre.

The presenations will take places from 10:00 to host 2 presentations geared towards current community organisations and also members of the public who are looking to volunteer. 

The event will ensure there is an opportunity for people who are interested in playing an active part in their community to join a local scheme, specifically designed for Ventnor.

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This will be the first Timebank of it’s kind on the Isle of Wight, although there are Timebanks meeting local needs all over the world.  The Time Bank in its basic form rewards local groups and individuals for working with each other; it blurs the boundaries and can bring people communities closer together.  Everyone’s time is worth the same irrespective of skill and experience and 1 Time Credit = 1 Hour of time.  It enables opportunities and needs to be matched, making the best use of local resources.

If you feel like meeting new people, making the most of your time and doing something positive in your community, or are already doing any of these things, then Timebanking is for you.  Please join us and find out more on 18TH June see us at one of our other sessions.

Information Sessions:

• 14 June 2012 9.30 – 12.30 – Ventnor Country Market, Pier Street, Ventnor

• 18 June 2012 10 – 13.00 (presentations at 10:00 for Organisations and 12:00 for the public)

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Address: Ventnor Childrens Centre, Albert Street,Ventnor, PO38 1EZ

• 7 July 2012 – 9:30 – 12:30 – Ventnor Library

• 14 July 2012 – 11:00 – 13:00 – Community Café, Albert Street

More information on Timebanking Available from

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