A Ventnor man has been banned from driving for 17 months after being caught drink driving in the town during the early hours of the morning.

Simon Kevin Cooper-Smith, 31, of Madeira Road, appeared before the Isle of Wight Magistrates Court this morning (Tuesday) charged with driving a motor vehicle when alcohol level about the limit.

Magistrates heard how Cooper-Smith was spotted by a Police officer on Grove Road at around 03:40 on the morning of 3rd April this year. Officers followed Cooper-Smith’s car and witnessed him hit a kerb.

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Suspecting that Simon Cooper-Smith had been drinking, Police conducted a roadside breath test after pulling the vehicle over on Ocean View Road. He blew 51 – the legal limit being 35. He was then taken into custody and recorded 65 on the evidential breathalyser.

The court heard that the defendant was giving his friend a lift home at the time of the offence and wasn’t sure if he would be over the limit.

Defending, Cooper-Smith’s solicitor said that his client recognised the risks of drink driving and accepted that he would lose his licence, and therefore his livelihood as a landscaper, as a result.

Magistrates handed down a 17-month disqualification from driving and ordered Simon Cooper-Smith to pay a fine of £346, £85 costs and a £34 surcharge.

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1 year ago

They also need to stop these OAP idiots driving as slow as 30mph along Whitwell road in Ventnor.

See the Light
See the Light
Reply to  [email protected]
1 year ago

I would be happier if you’re comment had read – “They also need to stop these Young idiots driving way over the 60mph speed limit along The Military road between Freshwater and Chale.”


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